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Tami Lund Has What You’re Looking For…

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Paranormal Romance – The Lightbearer Series

This series is about magical beings called Lightbearers and the shifters who hate to love them.

Into the Light dawningoflight_Cover LightBeyondDarkness_Cover


Paranormal Romance – The Twisted Fate Series

He’s cursed, she’s the last of her kind. He thinks they’re mates. She thinks he’s batshit crazy. Oh, and let’s not forget about the shifter war going on in the background.

OfLoveandDarkness (400)


How about Contemporary Suspense? The first two books in the Tough Love Series are The Romance Reviews Top Picks! (And Delicious Deception comes out on August 3rd!)

The Romance Review – See more at: http://www.theromancereviews.com/viewbooks.php?bookid=16418#sthash.pcZWxiXd.dpuf


The Tough Love Series, about men and women working in tough careers who sometimes need a little help finding their happily ever after:

Naked Truthsmall Undercover Heat_Cover Delicious Deception

The Resort Series, about spunky trouble-maker Allison Bell and security guy Carter James, who spends much of his time trying to protect Allison – from herself:

The Resort Nook 150  The Resort 2 Nook  The Resort 3 Nook The Resort 4 Nook  The Resort 5 Nook

There’s also Candy Crush, a standalone romantic suspense about a guy, a girl, a jinxed candy store – and don’t forget the dog named Butter:

Candy Crush Nook-150

Here’s a sweet New Adult Romance about a girl who had to find herself before she could find true love (my very first published novel!):

The Bartender Nook 150


And last, but not least, a few short stories:

HRlovegumbo   PerfectChristmas-A


Is your iPhone or other Apple device your e-reader? All my books are available as iBooks!

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Oh, and don’t forget Kobo.

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