Tami Lund writes contemporary and paranormal romance – usually with a dose of suspense. She also likes to writes series, because she falls in love with her characters and has a hard time letting them go, even after they find their happily ever after. Take a look…

The first two books in the contemporary Tough Love Series are The Romance Reviews Top Picks and Undercover Heat is a Readers Choice Nominee as well as a RHONE Award Nominee!

The Romance Review

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The Tough Love Series is about men and women working in tough careers who sometimes need a little help finding their happily ever after.

Naked Truth – An FBI agent goes undercover as an exotic dancer (think Magic Mike) to catch a killer, while embarking on an affair with a gun-shy nurse. The trouble really heats up when his case puts her life in danger.

Undercover Heat – Two FBI agents go undercover as husband and wife, and are unable to resist taking advantage of the physical aspects of their “fake” relationship.

Delicious Deception – Connor Rikeland is a chef without a restaurant, until he stumbles into Emily Kate Beaudreax’s Cajun restaurant. When he sweet talks his way into her bed, he incurs the wrath of her brother, Jack (the hero from Naked Truth). Yes, danger and hilarity ensue!

Naked Truthsmall  Undercover Heat_CoverDelicious Deception








If all three appeal to you, grab the boxed set for less than a buck!

Tough Love Bundle Cover


Undercover Heat was featured on Betsy Talbot’s Quickie Romance Podcast – if you want to take a listen!

Delicious Deception is part of a collection of seven tasty reads – all having to do with cooking… And romance. Oh, and the entire boxed set is less than a buck!

Appetite For Love_Crimson Cover


How about those Boys in Blue? Undercover Heat is part of a sexy box set that released in January 2016. And all those hot cop romances are less than a buck – total. Yeah, grab the handcuffs and get to reading!

Boys in Blue Cover_Updated


Naked Truth is part of a box set, too. Love in Disguise, five undercover romances, all guaranteed to curl your toes.

Love in Disguise Cover


There’s also Candy Crush, a standalone romantic suspense about a guy, a girl, a jinxed candy store – and don’t forget the dog named Butter.

Brandon Santiago wants the new owner of the candy store in his bed, but Gabriella Hadley isn’t a notch on the bedpost kind of girl. While these two work through their sexual tension, strange things keep happening at the candy store. Gabriella doesn’t believe in jinxes, which means there’s something else going on…

Candy Crush Nook-150

Here’s a sweet New Adult Romance about a girl who had to find herself before she could find true love (my very first published novel!):

The Bartender Nook 150


And last, but not least, a short, sexy read:

Love Gumbo – Thanks to a dog named Gumbo, an out of work chef meets his hot new neighbor – and finds out she’s about to open a new restaurant.




Tami Lund writes happily ever after, but she likes to ensure her characters to overcome a few seemingly insurmountable obstacles first. She writes paranormal romance, because her imagination cannot be contained by the “real world.” If you like witches, shapeshifters, and magic, it’s a safe bet she has written something that will appeal to you. Take  a look….


The Lightbearer Series

This series is about magical people called Lightbearers and the shapeshifters who hate to love them. After all, they’re supposed to be enemies, not lovers…

reviewertoppick2Into the Light








Night Owl Reviews reviewed both First Light (4.5 stars) and Into the Light (4 stars) and named First Light a “Top Pick”! Here’s what they had to say:

Tami Lund has created a new and diverse world in her new Lightbearers series. This book was a fun, quick read that was very enjoyable. This book is the prequel to the Lightbearers and has strong characters and an interesting storyline as beings finds out their strengths against an enemy that would kill them all. I am looking forward to reading more from this author as she has the ability to tell an amazing story.

The story takes place in 1512, where the Lightbearers are slowly being murdered by shapeshifters who are attempting to steal their magic. The men protect the women while the women take care of the colony, until one woman breaks the mood. Sabine Flemming is able to defend herself from the shapeshifters and is able to conjure a sword from the light, something very few of the strongest men can do. The newest Lightbearers King, James Bennett, is tired of losing his people and is getting tired of running. Once Sabine and James get to know each other better they soon realize that their future might be tied together and they might be the only way their people will survive.

The series, in reading order:

First Light (free series prequel)

Into the Light

Dawning of Light

Light Beyond the Darkness

Change in the Light

Cupid’s Light (coming September, 2016)


The Twisted Fate Series

He’s cursed, she’s the last of her kind. He thinks they’re mates. She thinks he’s batshit crazy. Oh, and let’s not forget about the shifter war going on in the background.

OfLoveandDarkness (400)

reviewertoppick2Night Owl Reviews gave Of Love and Darkness a 4.5 star review! Here’s what they had to say:

Tami Lund does a fantastic job of making and detailing new shape-shifter storylines.

Of Love and Darkness is the first book in the new paranormal Twisted Fate series. I am looking forward to reading more in this series. I enjoyed the twists and turns the author put the reader through as she explained and built this new series. The characters were well developed and the storyline flowed well. The main characters steamed up the pages and made me laugh while the secondary characters were well written and leaves me wanting more. I am looking forward to reading more from the author in this series as the Light Ones begin to fight back against their enemies the Rakshasa and start to defend themselves to build a better future.

Gavin Rowan is a Rahshasa, one who helped decimate the portion of the Light Ones who can breed. He had been killing Light Ones for centuries until he was finally stopped by a Fate, one who put a curse on him. Gavin knows he is a Rahshsasa; however, he has been cursed with only being able to help and protect the Light Ones. He has been now been killing his kind for centuries due to the curse. One day he finds one of the Ligt Ones who can breed, a Chala by the name of Sydney Amataya. She has no idea of the secrets that are in the world and as many more Light Ones come for the opportunity to mate with her she is drawn more and more to the one man she shouldn’t mate with. The Light Ones need to learn more and defend themselves and humanity against the evils in the world.

P.S. – The second book in the series, Prim and Proper Fate is now available! He’s a shifter, she’s a Fate, and he hates Fates. Until Gavin’s curse is lifted and Brandon is forced to work with Prim in order to bring him back to the pack. Maybe Fates aren’t so bad after all…



Bewitching Desires, A Savannah Coven Anthology

Twelve interwoven, witchy short stories, all based around a Halloween coven meeting.

Bewitching Desires Antho


All’s Fair: Love & Warlocks, releasing September 1st! If you like witches, steamy encounters, and deception, you should pre-order your copy HERE.

Bewitching Desires Promo AllsFair_Love and Warlocks










Mirror, Mirror releases September 28, 2016. Friends to lovers never read so funny. This one is a paranormal “lite,” which means even if you aren’t normally a PNR fan, you’ll probably like this baby!


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