Paranormal Romance by Tami Lund ~

Lightbearer Series

First Light (prequel)

Broken Light (prequel #2; releasing January 2018)

Into the Light

Dawning of Light

Light Beyond the Darkness

Change in the Light

Cupid’s Light


Twisted Fate Series

Of Love and Darkness

Prim and Proper Fate

Prisoner of Fate


Resist (Part of the Blood Courtesans Series, written by multiple authors)

Eternity (Part of the Awakenings: Blood Courtesans Boxed Set, releasing January 2018)


All’s Fair: Love & Warlocks

Mirror, Mirror

Gift of the Gods (Part of the 12 Magical Nights of Christmas anthology – releasing December 2017)



Contemporary Romance by Tami Lund ~

Sexy Bad Neighbor

Sexy Bad Daddy

Sexy Bad Boss (releasing late 2017)

(Sexy Bad Series co-written with Misti Murphy)


Tough Love Series

Naked Truth

Undercover Heat

Delicious Deception


Candy Crush

The Bartender

Separation Anxiety


All above books can be purchased through most online retailers (like Amazon), with the exception of Separation Anxiety, which is a free read available only on this website.

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