Dark Moon Falls Wolf Shifter & Witch Trilogy

Lyall – He’s Dark Moon Falls’s favorite wolf bartender and his first love is back in town, with danger hot on her heels. Can Lyall protect her while keeping his resurrected feelings under wraps?

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Benjamin – At the Dark Moon Falls wolf pack leader’s command, Ben’s been undercover so long, he’s not sure he knows what to do when outsider Hannah moves to town and seems to be underfoot at every turn. He figures it out pretty quick, though, until suddenly, the entire pack–Hannah included–is in danger, and he’s the only one who can save them.

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Anthony – The grand finale to this exciting trio of shifter reads! Anthony’s a single dad wolf shifter who just wants to do right by his son, although meeting a nice girl in the process wouldn’t hurt. Except when he does, Luna turns out to be a witch with a frightening premonition: Anthony’s son is in danger.

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