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If reading serials is your jam, Tami Lund has books on KISS! Click the picture above or HERE to download the KISS app, then search for “Tami Lund.” Enjoy!


Do you Radish? Tami does! New books, new episodes are uploaded regularly.

Including exclusive content!

Check out Tami Lund’s author page for the latest and greatest: TAMI ON RADISH.


Kinsley Adams, R.E. Butler & Tami Lund are cray-cray authors who thought it would be totes fabu to all write and release #paranormalchicklit books together. And then we decided we wanted to talk about them, too, so we hosted a short-lived postcast featuring authors who write paranormal romcom!

Click the picture or HERE to listen.

Be sure to check out our website. It’s constantly updated with new paranormal chick lit books for your reading pleasure: paranormalchicklit.com/

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