Lightbearer Series

Lightbearer Series (1)

The Lightbearer Series

This series is about magical people called Lightbearers and the shapeshifters who hate to love them. After all, they’re supposed to be enemies, not lovers…

Night Owl Reviews reviewed both First Light (4.5 stars) and Into the Light (4 stars) and named First Light a “Top Pick”! Here’s what they had to say:

Tami Lund has created a new and diverse world in her new Lightbearers series. This book was a fun, quick read that was very enjoyable. This book is the prequel to the Lightbearers and has strong characters and an interesting storyline as beings finds out their strengths against an enemy that would kill them all. I am looking forward to reading more from this author as she has the ability to tell an amazing story.

Lovely Woman Posing With a Wolf



First Light (free series prequel)

Meet Sabine, the Lightbearer who refuses to cower to the evil shifters, and James, the king who falls in love with her spirit and confidence. And let’s not forget Xander, the shifter who makes her question everything about herself and her life.




Broken Light LB Prequel #2


Broken Light (prequel #2)

Xander returns in the second prequel, and this time, he may have found a shifter to love…except she wants him to kill a human for her. Xander’s a changed man, and he’s not so sure killing is going to solve Adelle’s problem, anyway.




Into the Light - Tami Lund FINAL


Into the Light

Fast forward to the current century, where shifters and Lightbearers have returned to being mortal enemies, at least until Tanner Lyons rescues the Lightbearer princess, Olivia Bennett, from his own father. Now he has to return her to the safety of her home…without falling in love.




Dawning of Light - Tami Lund Final


Dawning of Light

Cecilia Druthers and Finn Hennigan hate each other. Or at least that’s what they’re trying to convince themselves. But then they fall into, er, a closet together and things really heat up. Problem is, someone’s trying to kill Cecilia, and if Finn wants to keep her in his bed, he’s going to have to figure out who–and stop them.




Light Beyond the Darkness - Tami Lund


Light Beyond the Darkness

Carley was the Lightbearer king’s favorite chef, until she ran away from her abusive mate. Problem is, she ran away from the coterie, too. And now she’s in Chicago, and she’s met Reid Hennigan, a shifter who doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with a Lightbearer and shifter hooking up. He might feel differently if he knew she was still mated to another, though…



Change in the Light - FINAL


Change in the Light

Rachel’s human. Josh isn’t. In fact, he’s a shapeshifter pack master, but she doesn’t know that. She has to seduce him in order to live to see next week, which isn’t a hardship, although pretending she doesn’t care sure becomes one. And let’s not forget that she doesn’t know her lover isn’t human…And neither is the guy who’s threatening to kill her if she doesn’t do exactly what he says.



Cupid's Light Final- Cutout (1)



Cupid’s Light 

No, Cupids aren’t toddlers with wings who go around shooting people with bows and arrows (Cupids have lousy aim), but they do help people find their happily ever afters. What they aren’t supposed to do is fall in love themselves. Especially not with their assignments.

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