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A steamy, second-chance rock star romance!
Release date: 4/26/2022
Grab it practically anywhere by clicking HERE


Next up: The Twisted Fate Trilogy!

This phenomenal shapeshifter saga combines anti-heroes, badass heroines, and side characters with a great deal of knowledge as well as fantastic senses of humor. Oh, don’t forget the steamy sexy times and plots that will keep you flipping pages well past your bedtime…

Book 1 – Of Love & Darkness released 1/11/2022

Book 2 – Prim and Proper Fate released 1/20/2022

Book 3 – Prisoner of Fate released 2/3/2022


Looking for (funny) Christmas romance?

Santa’s Destiny ~ a brand-new, hilarious Christmas story!

The Dark Moon Falls trilogy is complete as of November 18, 2021!

Lyall – Dark Moon Falls’s favorite bartender’s first love is back in town, and danger is hot on her heels. Can Lyall protect her while keeping his resurrected feelings under wraps?

Benjamin – At the Dark Moon Falls pack leader’s command, Ben’s been undercover so long, he’s not sure he knows what to do when outsider Hannah moves to town, and seems to be underfoot at every turn. He figures it out pretty quick, though, until suddenly, the entire pack–Hannah included–is in danger, and he’s the only one who can save them.

Anthony – The grand finale to this exciting trio of shifter reads! Anthony’s a single dad who just wants to do right by his son, although meeting a nice girl in the process wouldn’t hurt. Except when he does, Luna turns out to be a witch with a frightening premonition: Anthony’s son is in danger.


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