The Latest Release

The Sexy Bad series is going wide! Beginning on October 7, 2021, you’ll be able to read this funny, steamy series on your nook or kobo reader or iPhone or pretty much any device you prefer….Check it out HERE


It’s the final chapter of the Detroit Mafia series, and it releases on September 16, 2021!

Are you ready for Marco & Hillary’s story??

Pre-order HERE


Next up, the Gods of Thunder MC series…

We may be the Gods of Thunder, but are we ready for the storm of love?

We’re the Olympians, but we’re so *done* with Mt Olympus. Done with humans not believing in us. Done with working our asses off only to have our efforts go unnoticed.

Yes, we might have been drunk on Dionysus’s wine when we decided to shut everything down, but that doesn’t change our decision. It’s time to do something for us! 

Which is why we’ve started our own motorcycle club. 

Come see what shenanigans we Greek gods are up to in our series of twelve books!


Craving vampires? I got you. The Immortal Keeper Vampire series is written by all sorts of amazing paranormal authors.

Grab Vampire’s Ghost HERE!


Grab it on Amazon

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