Detroit Mafia Series

The Italian mafia rules the city of Detroit, and Gino Sarvilli is king…

Despite the dangerous lives these men and women lead, they cannot avoid love when it comes knocking on their doors. There are six books and a mid-series prequel, and while each one contains a happily ever after, for the optimal reading experience, it is best to enjoy them in order.


Detroit Mafia Series, in reading order:

TRAPPED BY THE MOB ~ Gino Sarvilli’s brother, Antonio, is the money man behind the Detroit mafia empire. He doesn’t do the dirty work, which enables him to pretend that he isn’t bankrolling a dangerous, deadly enterprise. But then Gino assigns him to check out a witness to a potential child kidnapping, and Antonio learns that bad things happen to good people…unless you do something about it.

FREED FROM THE MOB ~ Gino’s ex-wife, Margot, escaped his clutches and now lives a quiet life with her young daughter, far away from Gino’s world. She’s even started dating again… a cop, no less! Everything is peachy until Gino tracks them down, and suddenly, everyone Margot loves is in danger.

BORN INTO THE MOB ~ Gino Sarvilli’s daughter, Nina, is all grown up, and for seventeen years she’s remained hidden from his world. Now she’s back, looking for closure, and all hell is about to break loose because when she and her mom disappeared all those years ago, they took GIno’s money with them.

CONTROLLED BY THE MOB ~ Since she was nineteen years old, Shannon Williams has been controlled by the Armenian mob. Now she’s finally free, and she meets a guy who doesn’t appear to have any connections to her former life. If only that were true…

RETURN TO THE MOB ~ The breathtaking, heart-wrenching final book in the series is Marco Romano’s story, and brings many of your favorite characters together for one last potentially deadly hurrah.

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