Detroit Mafia Series

The Detroit Mafia….the dangerous, the cinnamon roll, the sexy. Yeah, that’s right; these guys aren’t your typical mafia heroes–they’re better!

Detroit Mafia Series, in reading order:

DESTINED FOR THE MOB ~ This prequel, which takes place in 1989, is FREE everywhere!

DETROIT MAFIA BOOKS 1-3 ~ try the next three books in the series in one box set!

PAID BY THE MOB ~ Samuele Adelmo’s job is to do whatever mafia kingpin Gino Sarvilli pays him to do. No questions asked, no emotional involvement. It’s just a job. Until he meets Lola Pennington, a sweet and beautiful woman who always sees the glass as half full. Suddenly, he starts to care about how his chosen career affects other people. Problem is, when you’re paid by the mob, there’s no retirement plan.

TRAPPED BY THE MOB ~ Antonio Sarvilli is the money man behind his brother Gino’s Detroit mafia empire. Phoebe Cavanaugh is a Good Samaritan who saw something she shouldn’t have. When Antonio is assigned to find out what she knows, he learns far more than he expected: he learns how to love… and how to lose that love.

FREED FROM THE MOB ~ Gino’s ex-wife, Margot, escaped his clutches and now lives a quiet life with her young daughter, far away from Gino’s world. She’s even started dating again… a cop, no less! Everything is peachy until Gino tracks them down, and suddenly, everyone Margot loves is in danger.

Once you’ve finished the above books, get ready to fall in love with the next generation…

BORN INTO THE MOB ~ Gino Sarvilli’s daughter, Nina, is all grown up, and for seventeen years she’s remained hidden from his world. Now she’s back, looking for closure, and all hell is about to break loose because when she and her mom disappeared all those years ago, they took Gino’s money with them.

CONTROLLED BY THE MOB ~ Since she was nineteen years old, Shannon Williams has been controlled by the Armenian mob. Now she’s finally free, and she meets a guy who doesn’t appear to have any connections to her former life. If only that were true…

RETURN TO THE MOB ~ The breathtaking, heart-wrenching final book in the series is Marco Romano’s story, and brings many of your favorite characters together for one last potentially deadly hurrah.

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