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Tami Lund’s contemporary romance, Undercover Heat, won this pretty award below at the 2016  InD’Scribe Conference!

The first two books in the Tough Love Series are The Romance Reviews Top Picks.

The Romance ReviewThe Romance Review




The Tough Love Series is about men and women working in tough careers who sometimes need a little help finding their happily ever after.

This series will be re-released in October, 2019, beginning with Naked Truth on 10/8!

Here’s the pre-order link: NAKED TRUTH

Naked Truth – An FBI agent goes undercover as an exotic dancer (think Magic Mike) to catch a killer, while embarking on an affair with a gun-shy nurse. The trouble *really* heats up when his case puts her life in danger.

Undercover Heat – Two troubled FBI agents go undercover as husband and wife, and are unable to resist taking advantage of the physical aspects of their “fake” relationship.

Delicious Deception – Connor Rikeland is a chef without a restaurant, until he stumbles into Emily Kate Beaudreax’s Cajun restaurant. When he sweet talks his way into her bed, he incurs the wrath of her brother, Jack (the hero from Naked Truth). Yes, danger and hilarity ensue!

Undercover Heat releases on 10/15 and Delicious Deception releases on 10/22~pre-order links coming soon! 


Welcome to Monday’s world, where jokes about her name are plentiful and for some reason, she has a serious attraction to (what she thinks are) jerks…

No Jerks on Monday


Jake Anders looks like he should be on the cover of an Australian firefighters calendar;
instead he owns a winery that makes a fabulous rosé.
The first time I met him, he was a jerk.
And then he became my client.
And he started acting distinctly non-jerky.
So I set out to prove it was all a ruse.
My ploy didn’t work.
And now, we’ve slept together.
If this is nothing but a one-night stand, I am so screwed.

Available and Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited!


How about Mafia Romance?

Meet the Sarvilli family….the good, the bad, and the funny.

Yes, that’s write, er, right–Tami Lund figured out a way to add her signature romcom touch to a favorite genre: the mafia.

It’s a two-book series, and both books are in KU. Grab them here: AMAZON


How about a stand-alone, surprise-baby romance?

Baby, I’m Home!

Chad Wessex and his girlfriend, Jenna Mackery, got into a huge fight the day he left and flew halfway around the world to take care of his dying grandfather.

Eight months later, he’s back and ready to make up.

When she said she had a “big surprise” for him, the last thing he expected was…a baby!




Sexy Bad (romcom) Series

If sexy, FUNNY, contemporary romance is your thing, give the Sexy Bad series a try.


What happens when your neighbor hires you a stripper?

It starts one hell of a prank war. A war that involves goats, phallic chandeliers, stolen kisses in the rain, strawgasms, and eating out on the kitchen counter.

A war that could damn well involve two hearts and a plan. Her plan doesn’t involve falling in love. His life doesn’t involve plans.

This could be a problem.

Sexy Bad Teaser


Once upon a time Garrett Frost, bad boy of professional golf, found out he had a two year old daughter.

Okay, okay, it wasn’t that long ago. His escapades are still in the media, and his sponsors are all in a tail spin, but his daughter sure is cute.

That’s where I come in. I’m his nanny. The kid’s nanny. Of course, I’m not his. He’s older, my employer, totally off limits. And I can’t forget that, even if he makes me want to fall for him with every lingering gaze, each secret touch.

He’s trying so hard to reform his professional image and be the father his daughter deserves. If anyone knew he was screwing his nanny it’d be all over the media, ruining his sponsorships, and affecting his relationship with his daughter. Or worse, convincing everyone we could be a family.

But Garrett Frost’s family is the game and his daughter. There’s no room for me. So why does it feel like I’ve finally found my forever?

Grown Ass Man Promo




James Frost is all work and no play. He’s made billions as the CEO of Frost, Inc. He can broker a deal between two pissed off Irishmen and the devil, and still walk away with a smile and not a wrinkle in his Armani suit. As his assistant, I’m faced with his dashing presence every day.

Can you blame a gal for having a crush?

So when he asks me to help him find his perfect woman, I throw myself at him. Only James Frost would never mix business with pleasure. He’s never looked at me in that way. I’m so mortified, I quit on the spot.

But a freak accident leaves him with a few broken bones and amnesia, and me with a dilemma. I’m playing nursemaid, at his beck and call, until my two weeks’ notice is up. And that raise I never thought I would get from him might be on the table after all. But how far am I willing to go before my pride demands I cut bait and move back home to London?




Looking for love is difficult when your life revolves around a four-year-old. For Evie Lane, who nannies for one of golf’s elite, dating is non-existent. Between a girl, a duck, and studying, Evie doesn’t have time to select appropriate date night underwear, let alone meet the man who might get to see said undies.

Until she stumbles onto the online dating game, Puppy Love.

Puppies? Love? Long sunset walks and warm snuggles? Puppy Love might be just what Evie needs. All she has to do is go on three dates and pick the perfect guy, er, dog for her Valentine’s date. It ought to be easy.

Except for Max, the gorgeous dog walker with the sexy smile and dreamy eyes. She shouldn’t let this bad boy charm her. She definitely shouldn’t let him throw her a bone. But with each doggy date they spend together it becomes harder and harder to deny the chemistry, even when giving in to it could cost her job and leave her open to a lawsuit from the show.

She can’t help but fall for him when he’s so charming and sweet and…

A liar. Maxwell Holt is a liar.

His arm is fluid muscle as he rubs his hand over his mouth, and I consider asking if he_s ever been photographed for forearm porn, because they make me all gooey inside.



Reader review:

“If you like rom-coms with a lot of heat and snort-inducing laughs, you won’t want to miss this book. All the books in this series are great, but Danny is my favorite character of all.” 

Are you single and desperately need a date for that work function, your brother’s wedding, your mother’s retirement party?

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Rent-A-Danny. I’m the perfect arm candy, and I’ll pretend to be whatever you want me to be, for a price. And I’ll rock your world if you ask nicely.

No, wait, that’s not what my super hot manager, Ronnie Frost, told me to say. Although some of my clients have used that term when describing my dating advice.

Yeah, that’s right: I’m a dating guru. I help people find their happy ever after. And I’ve never had a dissatisfied customer.

Except maybe myself. Problem is: the woman I want is my manager. And she swears business and pleasure don’t mix.

sexy bad escort 3dcover



Alex Darling just wanted a costume for his boss’s Halloween party. What he wasn’t expecting was to run into his childhood neighbor, Victoria Reuben. Nor did he expect to get drunk and pass out in her bed. Nor did he expect to challenge her to go out on ten dates with him—without sex.

Victoria Reuben isn’t interested in love. She prefers her sex without emotion, thank you very much. And then Alex Darling stumbles back into her life and forces her to question everything she thought she wanted. Problem is, Victoria has a secret, and when Alex finds out, he’s going to wish they’d never crossed paths again.

Sexy couple

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