Tami Lund’s vampires are deliciously, wickedly sexy…

Drake Vohjol is a centuries-old vampire with a single mission: grow his blood-for-sale business. He’s not interested in becoming a patron to a fledgling human woman who needs help developing mysterious skills.

Unfortunately for him, he’s a vampire of his word, so when he is accidentally assigned to become patron to one of those Chosen humans, he grudgingly does as is required, not expecting Kartina Gomez, a stunning, innocent young woman who, skills or no, he wants in his bed.

Except the rules are clear: the relationship between patron and Chosen must remain strictly professional.

For this Viking-turned-vampire, raiding and pillaging wasn’t half as challenging as keeping his hands—and fangs—away from Kartina.

Read Vampire’s Ghost, part of the Immortal Keeper shared world!


Vampire Blood Courtesans

Resist is Anya and Cam’s story… about how a human who hates all vampires can overcome her prejudice and fall in love with one who’s as reluctant as she.

Eternity is Abby and Parnell’s story… about a vampire who was so obsessed with his human consort, he set her free. But now she’s in danger and he has to figure out if he can save her without falling all over again.

Get ready to fall in love with the world of the Blood Courtesans

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