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Monster romance!

He’s obsessed with her; she’s obsessed with staying out of Hell.

Daruka is hiding from her oppressive father, who wants to force her to join the family business. The family business? Managing Hell.

Asmoday is part lust demon, part elf. Everybody wants a piece of him, but no one takes him seriously. He’s mostly okay with that. Until he meets her.

Now, Daruka and Asmoday are about to take on Satan himself, and Asmoday still isn’t even sure if this girl likes him.

Welcome to Blackthorn Academy.

Monster’s Obsession is book nine in the Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals shared world, featuring a snarky mermaid heroine, a slightly obsessed demon hero, a deal with the devil, lots of laughs, hot monster hookups, and more.

Releasing on February 20, 2024! Pre-order HERE


The need for revenge is as deep as the sea

Fifteen years ago, Asia was tossed over the side of a ship and left for dead. Galene, the first mermaid, and Poseidon, the god of the sea, saved her and turned her into a mermaid.

For fifteen years, Asia has been biding her time, waiting to seek her revenge.

But now that she finally has her chance, she runs into a roadblock in the form of Conall Nowak, a handsome human man who takes her breath away and gives her all the feels…and makes her wish for a future that cannot be.

Because she is a mermaid, and Conall has a secret.

He knows who tossed Asia overboard.

Releasing on November 21, 2o23! Click HERE


My Vampire ~ She’s made a lucrative career out of selling her blood to vampires

Kiara Jackson has made a lucrative career out of giving her blood to vampires for a profit. Problem is, she hasn’t taken any time off in more than five years. When she mentions this to her favorite client, Amare Conrad, he suggests they vacation together at a nearby resort—as friends.

No business expectations. No blood. Just relaxing and doing whatever she wants to do.

But what if she wants to be more than just friends?

Available everywhere – click HERE



Bear With Me, a stand-alone bear shifter romance with lots of steam and tons of action, has a new cover! Oh, and it’s now available everywhere ebooks are sold!

Peter Karhu left his bear shifter pack over a decade ago, and he’s not once regretted the decision. He’s perfectly content living among the humans, pretending to be one of them.

Until she shows up and rattles his perfectly crafted life.

Winona Orzo. The one he left behind. They’d been best friends when he took off, and even though he regretted hurting her, they’d been kids and she’d had no reason to leave with him.

Her unexpected return to his life should evoke all sorts of negative emotions, but instead, he’s feeling desires he shouldn’t have. Especially not for someone who is fated to be with another.

Scandals and threats of exposure to shifters everywhere seem small when it’s all he can do to keep from claiming Winona as his own.

Available everywhere (PS – it’s available in paperback too!)

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