Rock Star Series

Join these two bands as they chase their dreams…and lose their hearts

Before the Band ~ Before Demigoddess Revival was even an idea, there was Panic Station, the hottest, most popular rock band out there. Everybody thinks their drummer, Sam, and lead singer, Holly, are dating… but are they really?

Read the first three chapters HERE.

Why Can’t We Be ~ In this follow up to the popular Before the Band prequel, Parker, Sam’s best friend, and Lacey, Sam’s younger sister, fight an attraction that shouldn’t exist, while they try to realize their dreams of starting their own band.

A Way Out ~ Oz is a guitarist who’s trying to take care of his deceased sister’s kids while carving out time to get his new band, Demigoddess Revival, off the ground. The last complication he needs in his life is Maria, a wealthy woman who is dealing with her own demons.

Too Little Too Soon ~ All Travis wants to do is play drums for Demigoddess Revival and try to revive his once successful career. He’s got no time for a relationship, especially when he finds out the one-night stand he hasn’t been able to forget is Maria’s sister, Ava!

All Keyed Up ~ Cash, the keyboardist for Demigoddess Revival, has secrets. Big ones. Ones that can ruin a whole lot of lives, if they are exposed. So far, he’s been able to operate under the radar, but now his band is really starting to make it big. When he falls for Oz’s cousin Carina, a blackmailer threatens to spill the tea, unless Cash agrees to walk away.

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