Bryant Brothers Sports Romance Series

Meet the Bryant Brothers – Tommy, Philip, Kyle, and Elliot, and fall in love with them as one by one, they fall in love with the women of their dreams…

Bryant Brothers series:

Racing Home – Tommy Bryant, famous motorcycle racer, is at the top of his game. Life can’t get any better than being number one, right?


An impromptu trip home to visit his parents, where he meets beautiful bartender Camila Alverez, may just help him realize there is life outside of racing. 

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To Love & Protect – Philip Bryant, second born son to a fine, upstanding family, is anything but.

He wants to amend his ways, though. Operate on the right side of the law. Be a positive, contributing member of society.

A buddy who works for a government agency gives him the perfect opportunity to change his stripes. But instead of doing what he was told to do, he kidnaps the witness to an attempted murder.

The witness’s name is Maecie McIntosh. She’s a hairstylist with a whole lot of opinions, and she isn’t afraid to put him in his place. And the more time he spends with her, the less he wants to let her go. Can kidnappers develop Stockholm Syndrome?

Or is this what true love feels like?

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The Right Tool – Motorcycle mechanic Kyle Bryant was content with his life, until last night, when he hooked up with his youngest brother’s ex-girlfriend, Madison Alverez.

The next morning, they’re stuck on a plane together, and then they’re sharing a bathroom at a resort in Florida while they prepare to stand up in her sister and his oldest brother’s wedding.

The situation is already awkward as hell…and he just made it worse by pretending to propose.

Suddenly, Kyle and Madison are knee-deep in a charade that feels all too real.

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Picture This – Meet Elliot, the youngest Bryant brother. He’s stood in the background while all three of his older brothers have become successful, have fallen in love, have lived life to the fullest.

When a family member arranges for him to take a job in an industry he’s not interested in, he figures this will be one more way he’ll prove to everyone that he’s a screwup.

Until he meets the beautiful and confident Amelia Gerard, and he decides working at that place might not be so bad.

When Amelia injures her knee and can’t get around for a few days, Elliot steps up and offers to take care of her and her executive position in the company.

Maybe he can be just successful as his brothers.

Maybe he’ll find love, too.

Only problem? Amelia’s his boss.

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