Twisted Fate Shapeshifter Trilogy

Of Love & Darkness

Gavin Rowan is a cursed shapeshifter, destined to hunt and kill those who once had been his friends and family. When he saves Sydney Amataya’s life, he learns that she is the rarest kind of shifter…oh, and he’s claimed her as his mate. Problem is, Sydney doesn’t believe in supernatural beings or mates, and the idea of the fate of the world hanging around her shoulders is… crazy. Even more crazy than Gavin’s claim that they are destined to be together for all of eternity.

Prim and Proper Fate

Brandon Haines is a traitor. Was a traitor. Now he fights for the good guys, even if he doesn’t like a few of them. Such as Prim, the Fate who cursed Gavin Rowan in the first place. Doesn’t matter that she’s sex and candy walking and he can’t get her out of his head, or that she has demons of her own that he’s able to help her slay. None of that matters when Gavin’s curse is lifted. Because now Brandon and Prim have to work together to find him and put the curse back on him, before he kills his fated mate.

Prisoner of Fate

Lily Gallow is an innocent…and the last of her kind. She’s supposed to mate with a Light One, one of the good guys, and get to work making babies so her species doesn’t go extinct. She definitely should not be getting to know Matteo Connor, a dark shifter who has been a prisoner of the Fates for the past thousand years. And she definitely should not be contemplating giving him her most valuable possession: her innocence. It’s the thrilling conclusion to the Twisted Fate Trilogy!\

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