Stand Alone Books

A steamy, second-chance rock star romance!
Release date: 4/26/2022
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Jake Anders looks like he should be on the cover of an Australian firefighters calendar;
instead he owns a winery that makes a fabulous rosé.

The first time I met him, he was a jerk.

And then he became my client.

And he started acting distinctly non-jerky.

So I set out to prove it was all a ruse.

My ploy didn’t work.

And now, we’ve slept together.

If this is nothing but a one-night stand, I am so screwed.

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How about a stand-alone, surprise-baby romance?

Baby, I’m Home!

Chad Wessex and his girlfriend, Jenna Mackery, got into a huge fight the day he left and flew halfway around the world to take care of his dying grandfather.

Eight months later, he’s back and ready to make up.

When she said she had a “big surprise” for him, the last thing he expected was…a baby!

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