Holiday Reads

Looking for spooky Halloween romance? Or maybe cheerful Christmas romance? I got you covered.

Sexy Bad Halloween ~ It’s the emotional conclusion to the Sexy Bad series. Get ready to fall in love with Alex & Victoria, and enjoy cameos from your favorite Frost family characters. This books starts in a Halloween costume shop, takes you on a touristy trip through Chicago, and concludes with a Halloween party at James Frost’s house. Available in ebook format.

Sexy Bad series

Mirror, Mirror ~ Adelle doesn’t want to believe she saw her best friend Ben in an enchanted mirror at an October wedding, mostly because she doesn’t believe in magic and she’s afraid of love. This book features a quirky old gypsy woman, a jack-o-lantern whose face changes with his moods, a frightful hayride through a spooky forest, and a totally adorable happy ever after!

Mirror, Mirror is available in ebook format: Apple ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ Amazon ~ Google and paperback and audio! Google Play ~ Kobo ~ Nook ~ Apple ~ Audible

Happy Halloween!

Looking for (funny) Christmas romance?

Santa’s Destiny ~ a hilarious take on Santa’s happily ever after!

Amazon ~ Apple ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ Google

Des (don’t call her Destiny—she hates that name) is an elf with a problem. A jolly, red-suit wearing, gift-bearing, reindeer-loving problem.

Turns out, someone has stolen Santa Claus’s magic. And it’s three days before Christmas. What’s an elf to do?

Help him out, of course. That’s her specialty, after all.

Except that creates a whole new problem: Des has to work closely with the Man in Red while keeping her presents under wraps, because there is definitely one thing she will not do.

Ride in Santa’s sleigh tonight.

One BookBub reviewer said, “Fantastic book that’s a must have! Loved it! ❤️📚👍”

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