Faerell Fantasy Romance Series

Once Rejected, Twice Shy

A forty-year-old woman believes she’s human, only to find out she’s really a faery–and her favorite bartender is a wolf shifter! Who rejects her. Yet insists on protecting her. And then he takes her to a whole different world. To say Faith’s life just got complicated is a severe understatement.

Every Rejection You Make

She’s a faery Warrior without a partner. He’s a wolf who will do anything to become a Warrior. She can’t stand him; he thinks she’s batshit crazy. If they can ever see eye-to-eye, they might just be able to stop a war.

Hard to Reject coming soon!

A pregnant faery accidentally falls through the veil into Faerell and she doesn’t remember a thing, including how she became with child, and who might be the father. Healer faery Tate is determined to protect her and help her recover her memories, while trying really, really hard not to fall for her in the process.

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