What’s The Right Answer?

“How many kids do you have?” This is the latest dilemma my husband and I have had to figure out. What’s the right answer? “One here, one in heaven.” “Two.” “One.” What the hell do we say? That first choice up there would obviously spur a litany of questions none of us wants to deal... Continue Reading →

***ONCE*** Cover Reveal!!***

Once Book One, by M.S. Kaye Her first and also her once. Jonathan and Rebecca’s paths cross at exactly the right moment, when each most needs to hear what the other has to say. But Jonathan is three days from entering the priesthood, and Rebecca leaves him to his peace. But he is unable to... Continue Reading →

Blogging About Favorite Shifters

I haven't been blogging regularly lately, at least not here, on my own blog. Mostly that's because I'm blogging in other places. Once a month (usually on a Friday) you can find me over at the Writing Wenches website. Every two or three months on a Wednesday, you can read my words on the Soul... Continue Reading →

So Begins the Month of Halloween-Themed Books

Yep. Including my own. That's right. Today is release day for an anthology called Bewitching Desires. Twelve interwoven tales about the witches of the Savannah Coven, including my own story, called All's Fair: Love & Warlocks. I've jumped on the bandwagon. A quick Amazon search of "Halloween" in the book department gives me 19,302 options. A... Continue Reading →

Summer, Don’t Leave!

Today, I've decided to write about a controversial topic. Wait, hear me out before you leave! I’m just going to write about the weather, I swear! Here’s why it’s controversial: Because I love summer. I don’t look forward to fall. Yes, you read that correctly. While everyone is posting colorful fall photos and talking football on... Continue Reading →

Not Your Average Bride

Today, I'm featuring an author who is knee-deep in her own wedding planning. That's right (write?), Kay Blake is getting married! And she's here to tell us about average brides... And how she isn't one of them. Welcome, Kay! ~~~  Thank you, Tami. My name is Kay Blake, and I am getting married in a few... Continue Reading →

The Wedding Cake – What Could Go Wrong?

As we continue Matrimonial March on my blog, I have the pleasure of featuring a fellow author who also used to work in the wedding planning industry. These days, Jennifer Ray uses that knowledge to create lovely backdrops for wonderful books, including the short story, Declan's Special, which is part of the Unwrapping Love Anthology.... Continue Reading →

The Wedding Planner

  Welcome to the first blog post of Matrimonial March. In case you missed yesterday's post, for the rest of the year, each month my blog features a specific theme. Every post will tie into said theme. This month, the first month of this themed idea, is all about weddings. Some of my guest bloggers will... Continue Reading →

Tami’s 2015 Blogging Plan

I enjoy blogging. It offers the chance to do several things: I can talk about pretty much whatever the hell I want to. Within reason, of course. I mean, it has to be something readers are interested in reading about, right? Otherwise, why bother? I can search the Internet and Pinterest for pictures to accompany said posts.... Continue Reading →

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