Funerals & Grief & Dealing

A friend of mine recently lost her husband, very suddenly, very young (40s), very tragically (it’s tragic to lose your spouse at any age, but 40s just seems far too young). I found out via Facebook (isn’t that where we discover practically all our news these days?). I opened the app minutes after she’d posted,... Continue Reading →

Guardian Angels Do Exist

Amidst all the horror and despair and misery in the world (not to mention my own personal trauma), let's take a moment to appreciate real life Guardian Angels... Tami Lund Talks (Real) Guardian Angels  

What’s The Right Answer?

“How many kids do you have?” This is the latest dilemma my husband and I have had to figure out. What’s the right answer? “One here, one in heaven.” “Two.” “One.” What the hell do we say? That first choice up there would obviously spur a litany of questions none of us wants to deal... Continue Reading →

The Guilt of Grieving

My new, smaller family is on vacation this week. We're visiting old friends, some family, carving out new memories, enjoying ourselves. And I feel guilty as hell about it. I know it's silly, I know it. He's gone, we're still living, it wasn't our fault what happened happened. We have to keep on living, and... Continue Reading →

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