Dinnertime with the Fam

Is the family dinner necessary in today’s world? I feel like my family is the poster child for the answer. Let me introduce you… Me: Self-published author who also works a job-with-a-steady-paycheck that is located approximately 45 minutes from my home. I spend half that ridiculously long drive trying not to develop road rage over... Continue Reading →

Writing and Vacations

My family recently returned from a cross-country vacation. We drove from Michigan to Dallas, Texas (nineteen and a half hours without spending the night along the way). From there we headed east to spend a few days in north Louisiana, and finally headed further east to Alabama before veering north again and returning home. It... Continue Reading →

Parenting or Hypocrisy?

My eight year old daughter probably needs braces. At her last appointment, the dentist informed us it was time to talk to the orthodontist. We had the same reaction as every other parent on the face of the earth: “Damn, I had plans for that seven grand.” So I made the appointment, and somewhere between... Continue Reading →

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