Suicide is Not the Coolest Way to Die

I get it; you’re depressed. Okay, no I don’t. I admit, I’ve never felt that way. I’ve never been in that deep, dark pit, so far down you can’t even see the light, let alone convince yourself it still exists ... somewhere. I’ve never felt like everyone in the entire world was against me, that... Continue Reading →

Grief Gone Public

I recently read a blog post about a family who wrote an obituary calling out bullies. The obituary was for a teenager who had committed suicide. Here’s the post (which includes the obit) from a blog called For Every Mom: http://foreverymom.com/family-parenting/sadie-riggs-obituary-is-going-viral-and-we-all-need-to-read-it-to-our-kids/ I spotted it in my Facebook feed and I hovered, considered whether I wanted... Continue Reading →

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