Welcome to my blog!

Check it out – my very own blog! A place where I can write and write, endlessly, about whatever the hell I want. How will I ever finish another book?

Easy. The books pay the bills. The blog is purely for your entertainment.

I think I’ll make it easy on both of us and make my first blog about… my books. How about a synopsis about each one, along with author editorial?

The first book I published was in 2010, called The Bartender. I’ve revised it once, cleaned up the grammatical errors, tightened up the plot a bit. Still, it was my first book and I admit, you can tell. It’s a fun, warm-fuzzy read with a twist at the end that most readers say they didn’t see coming, so that’s good, right?

To be honest, I’m thinking about revising again, tightening the timeline some, turning it into one of these new NA books – New Adult genre, covering the eighteen-to-twenty-five age group. Since I remember what I was like during that age, and I remember the type of guys I dated at that point in my life, it’s a little hard for me to write in that genre. But since I already have the basis… I’m considering jumping on that bandwagon, at least once. We’ll see. Check back for more details.

Then we move on to The Resort series. Think Janet Evonovich, the Stephanie Plum series. Probably the closest thing to fan fiction I’ll ever write. Instead of the burbs of Jersey, The Resort is based in a fictitious small town in northern Michigan, and Allison is the heroine, who, like Stephanie, can’t seem to hold down a job.

But Allison has a heart of gold that is both charming and infuriating and she really doesn’t mean to get into all that trouble. Carter is a security-slash-body guard James Bond type who most certainly is not from a small town. He wants Allison (of course!) but on his own terms, which leads to all sorts of over-arching controversy that lasts for five whole books.

I’ve added a socialite, sex-crazed BFF and a drop dead gorgeous local cop who is good enough to make it in the big city, along with a whole cast of amusing supporting characters. This is of course in addition to attempted murderers (Book 1), obsessive artists (Book 2), crazy, conniving ex’s (Book 3), too-sexy wedding planners with hidden agendas (Book 4), and finally, the grand finale of Book 5. For those who have already read the first four (5 isn’t out yet), yes, I am giving serious consideration to a second series starring Bree… Stay tuned!

The most recent release is Candy Crush, one of my all time favorite books. I have read this book hundreds of times, and I never tire of it. I think I have a crush on Brandon. He’s just so darn… adorable. The kind of bad boy every girl wants to tame and keep for herself. Do you think Gabriella will be so lucky? Read it and find out!

All of these books are, of course, available online, for just about every e-reader available on the market. If you aren’t sure what you have and how to downloads books to it, go to smashwords.com. They have the capacity to get my books to you in some sort of format that you can read.

So what else do I have going on? What’s in the hopper? What’s in the pipeline? How many cliches can I possibly use in one paragraph?
Next on the self-published docket, I have a paranormal series of three books about shifters, with a curious twist. I plan one more editing session with the first in the series, then I have to get to work helping my illustrator create the cover – and then it’ll be yours. Since it’s based in the wintertime, I’m hoping to get it to you before the first flowers of spring bloom. For some reason, people tend to migrate towards books about the season in which they are currently living.

(And since Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks ago – here’s a shameless plug for Valentine’s Day at The Resort, the fourth in the series, which happens to be based around… you guessed it!)

I also have another contemporary series of three books that I’m pretty pleased with, although all three books are still in very, very early stages at the moment.

Since I am not an eggs-in-one-basket kind of girl, I have a few books that I am trying to convince publishers to pick up and sell, including a really fun stand alone paranormal and a series of three YA books. I also have a paranormal series based around a species of beings called LIghtbearers that I am trying to get a publisher to pick up. There are nine books in that series so far, and in truth, I could go on forever with it. That’s the thing about paranormal worlds. They don’t have the same rules and boundaries as our world.

Well, I’d say that’s about enough for my first blog. Thanks for taking the time to read. Check back often. I have a feeling this whole write-whatever-the-hell-I-want concept could be contagious.

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