Summertime at The Resort blurb

Here’s what I wrote up to describe Summertime at The Resort, the fifth and final installment of The Resort series. I plan to release this book in May. I know that’s a long way away, but I’ve already started the first round of editing, so I figured I’d share…

In the fifth installment of The Resort series, Allison and Carter are broken up, and it looks like it’s for real this time. While she’s still trying to come to terms with the demise of their relationship, Allison’s grandmother dies, and in her will, she leaves the ice cream parlor to Allison. The dreaded ice cream parlor where Allison worked when she was a teen, and she broke the chocolate soft serve machine so badly that it poured ice cream nonstop for more than five hours before the repairman could make it stop.

Despite her reservations about the chocolate soft serve machine, Allison decides running the ice cream parlor is the perfect solution to her problems. It gives her something to do with her time so she can stop thinking incessantly about Carter, and it gives her a desperately needed form of income. Perfect.

Except nothing is perfect in Allison’s life. Her solution turns sour quickly, when she discovers that someone has been using the ice cream parlor as a front for their drug running business, and when Allison cuts off the supply, Allison’s apartment gets shot up and the manager of the ice cream parlor ends up in the hospital. Allison is certain that someone local is behind the drug running business, and she’s determined to find out, despite Carter and the hot detective Dan McIntyre warning her to stay out of trouble.

Allison’s never heeded their warnings before. Why should she start now?

As she works to try to solve this latest mystery, she finds herself pulling further and further away from Carter, and drawing closer and closer to Dan, who has never hidden the fact that he has a crush on her.

How will this series end? Read it to find out the shocking twist you never saw coming!

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