It’s Valentine’s Day and love – and reading – is in the air

The Resort 4 Nook
Valentine’s Day is on Friday, love is in the air, and my latest release in The Resort series just happens to be a V-Day read. How convenient!

When I first began working out the idea for this book (This is how I work: Anytime I’m alone in the car, I think through plot ideas, character personalities, various scenarios in my head. I do this for about a week, maybe two, before I ever sit down in front of the computer. My version of plotting, I suppose), I knew a couple of things:

1. I wanted this book to involve a wedding planner, although I hadn’t yet decided precisely how said wedding planner would be involved, or even if this person would be male or female.

2. It was time for Allison to feel a very real fear of the potential demise of her relationship with Carter, since up until now (spoiler alert), he has done a marvelous job of convincing her she never had to worry about or doubt his feelings for her.

The fact that the book revolved around Valentine’s Day was strictly coincidental, based on the fact that the last book occurred during the Christmas holiday and each book had thus far occurred two or three months after the last.

Despite the purely accidental timing, the fact that the book was based around Valentine’s Day ended up working to my advantage. First, there couldn’t possibly be a more perfect holiday around which to center relationship angst. Second, Allison’s best friend, Bree, is trying to lure weddings to The Resort and let’s face it, who wants to get married in the middle of nowhere winter, unless said wedding is tied to a super romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day?

Lastly, the Valentine’s Day theme certainly made the final scene easy to write. (Not going to tell you – you’ll have to read it to find out!)

I hope you enjoy this installment of The Resort series. Just in case you are leery of trying a new series – or maybe you haven’t read the first three books yet (what are you waiting for??? Download them from smashwords.com now!), I decided to sweeten the deal… Beginning Wednesday evening, through the Valentine’s weekend (a holiday all about love and romance deserves an entire weekend, right?), you will be able to download Valentine’s Day at The Resort FREE!

Enjoy… And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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