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It’s finally here, it’s finally here, it’s finally here! Release day. Naked Truth is officially on sale, available to the public, on display for the world, should the world choose to read it. It is so surreal to me that a day I have been working toward for five years is actually here. It is actually happening.

Naked Truth

So this is a release day post. Since this is my first non-self-published release, I’m not really sure of the protocol or etiquette or really anything, actually. Since I don’t know what I’m supposed to or not supposed to do, I’m going to do what I want to do. And what I want to do is share a little bit of bonus material with you.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Jack and Kennedy’s story wasn’t supposed to be first. Cullen and Sabrina were supposed to be first. But as much as I loved the two of them, their story just wasn’t ready yet. I still have hope that someday, I can turn it into a prequel.

In the meantime, I thought it would be appropriate if I gave you a little bit of the interaction between Cullen and Jack, from this prequel, from back before Jack ever meets Kennedy, and Cullen is trying to wrap his head around the idea that he might be in love with this girl named Sabrina. (It isn’t a spoiler if I tell you that Naked Truth starts at Cullen and Sabrina’s wedding, right?)

I love both Jack and Cullen. I love the way they interact, and I thought the scene below would be particularly entertaining and enlightening, especially as you read Naked Truth. It’s from Cullen’s perspective, and it’s after he and Sabrina have slept together, but he isn’t sure if they are really together, as in exclusive, dating, maybe something…more? The problem with Cullen, when it comes to Sabrina, is he’s really pretty clueless. So Jack steps in and offers help, in typical Jack fashion. I hope this scene will make you chuckle, if not right now, then definitely as you read Naked Truth.

Enjoy! And thank you for sharing this release day blog post with me!


They were getting along at the moment. Getting along really well. He didn’t want to ruin whatever was happening between them by pressing a subject such as, “What about the future?” Hell, he wasn’t even sure what exactly he wanted in the future, other than to have Sabrina in his bed every single night for, well… the foreseeable future.

And then what? She lived in Dallas, he lived in New Orleans. He travelled pretty frequently for his job, and it didn’t seem like she took much vacation time at all from hers. How the hell were they supposed to make a go at a relationship?

A relationship.

They would have to live in the same town. It was the only way. Would she consider moving to New Orleans? For him? Would he move to Dallas, to be with her?

Jack would be unhappy, or at least annoyed. Their boss would be pissed off. Cullen and Jack worked well together, really well. They solved a lot of cases, made a pretty impressive difference, and he wasn’t stupid enough to believe it had anything to do with one or the other. It was the two of them, working together. They were a damn good team.

Maybe Jack would be willing to move to Dallas.


“Would you ever consider it?”

Jack looked at his partner as if Cullen had just announced he had started smoking crack.

“Is she that good in bed?”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Cullen demanded. “I just asked you a damn question.”

“You just asked me if I would move to Dallas so that you could be closer to your most recent lay. Because you know damn well our boss would be pissed if he had to split us up. So you want me to move to Dallas so you can get laid regularly. As you would say, un-fucking-believable.”

“Jesus. It was just a question,” Cullen muttered. “All you had to say was no. Or yes. I didn’t need a damn lecture.”

“You need something. You need to tell that woman how you really feel. Maybe she’s open to moving to New Orleans. You don’t know, because you’ve never asked.”

“This isn’t about her.”


“Can we focus on the case? I’m supposed to be at her place at seven for dinner.”

Jack snorted. “You have it so bad, you’re utterly fucking oblivious.” He shook his head. “Fine. What did you find out today?”

They discussed the case. They narrowed their list of suspects. They expressed their mutual frustration that they could not figure out a case that seemed so damn obvious.

“Focus on the ED,” Jack finally said. “I know you’ve been avoiding him because you thought he only looked suspicious because he was a dick to Sabrina, but we’re running out of options here. It’s either him, the receptionist or Sabrina. I hope to hell it isn’t Sabrina, since you’re fucking her at the moment.”

As if it was the most natural thing in the world, Cullen turned to his partner and best friend and punched him in the face.

“What the hell was that for?” Jack demanded as he rubbed his jaw and glared at his partner.

“I’m not fucking her,” Cullen growled, and then he turned and stormed from the hotel room.


Naked TruthsmallPersonally, I think that is a phenomenal introduction to Jack and Cullen’s relationship, not to mention Jack’s personality. If you enjoyed that little excerpt, you know the only logical thing to do, right? Read Jack and Kennedy’s story!

Before we part ways, I ask that you consider leaving a review wherever you purchase the book, and let me know what you think. And, I’d like to know, in the comments below, what you think about the idea of a prequel, to tell Cullen and Sabrina’s story.

Thank you and happy release day!

Read Naked Truth now!

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