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I’m IT! Thanks, Colleen Meyers (Myers Musings), for tagging me! I’ve never participated in a blog hop before. The idea is basic, so I think I can handle it. There are 4 questions, all the same for each blog, and I have to answer them and then tag a couple other authors to do the same. You, the Reader, gets to learn a little bit about each of us. Pretty cool, eh?

Let’s begin…


Question 1: What am I working on?

Beside this blog? And fitting in a little time to play mom? And attempt to keep my house some semblance of reasonably clean? And walking the dog? And being a wife? And reading other authors’ books because yeah, I really do like to read? Oh, right, what I’m working on… Well, Into the Light, the first release in a paranormal series, comes out on MONDAY!! That’s July 14. Four days from now. I’m a little giddy, because beta readers are crazy about this book, and each review (Goodreads reviews) asks, when does the second book come out?

Into the Light

So in my spare time (see above), I’m working on book two, which for those who have read Into the Light (and those who will, on Monday), is Finn and Cecilia’s story. I’ve rewritten the beginning three times and have now gone back to the first version and am officially sticking with it this time, so hopefully, it won’t take too long to get this one out to you… (Not too long in the writing world is measured in months, just FYI.)

Question 2: How is my work different from others in its genre?

I write two genres – contemporary and paranormal romance. There are two answers to this question, based on the genre. For my paranormal books, I try to always come up with something unique, something that hasn’t been done before (i.e. Lightbearers), yet still maintain the concept of tried-and-true paranormal beings, such as shifters, faeries and the like. I think (hope) readers like something new, mixed with a nice dose of familiar, and that’s what I’ve tried to give you.

Naked Truthsmall      The Resort Nook 150       Candy Crush Nook-150      The Bartender Nook

In regard to my contemporary romance books, I think it’s my voice that makes them stand out. Truthfully, I think practically everything has been done, when it comes to contemporary romance. I mean, come on, we’re living in reality, right? Since we can’t deviate too much from real life, it’s hard to come up with new concepts. We just need to write the concepts we love to write in our own voice, and make sure that voice is interesting and exciting to the reader. I think that’s what’s different about me: it’s my voice. I try to incorporate humor, sexiness, and suspense, along with a guaranteed happily ever after. Oh, and good writing. That’s kind of important.

Question 3: Why do I write what I do?

Hmm… This is a good question. I guess I write paranormal because I LOVE to read paranormal. And it’s fun to create your own world, to make all the rules (and then break them as I see fit). But I also love a good old fashioned happily ever after, with real people, in real world situations. I tend to look at practically every experience in my life as a potential storyline, so maybe it’s just the voices in my head that compel me to write what I do?

Question 4: How does my writing process work?

Funny question. I tend to come up with amazing story lines or even specific dialogue between characters, while I’m in the shower or driving or doing some other activity where it is not terribly convenient to drop everything and write down whatever is going on in my head. Because of this, I tend to mull over an idea for a few days before I actually write it down. Often, nearly the entire book has been worked out in my head before I even sit down in front of the laptop. The downside to this is it becomes an obsession. Once I start writing that particular story, I can’t stop until I have at least the basic concept down on, er, saved in my computer.


Okay, that’s it. Now it’s Ariel Bernstein (@A3Bernstein) and Sasha Abernathy’s (@EarthRelic) turns. Be sure to check out their blogs, so you can learn a little more about even more authors.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog!



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  1. Thanks for the tag! On thing I have to work on is read one of your books & review! The next is to write my own blog hop post which I hope to do in the next day or two :). Very cool to read about your writing process and am really impressed with how prolific you are!

    1. Thanks, Ariel! Things like this are so much fun, mostly because it’s just spontaneous writing. And people seem to enjoy it, so bonus 🙂 Good luck on your blog hop post and be sure to tag me so I catch it!!

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