I *Heart* Second Chance Books

Today’s post is about the short story, Second Chance Girl by C.S. Kendall. And yes, it’s part of the Unwrapping Love holiday anthology. And yes, the anthology is available for pre-order here. And yes, the release date is December first, and there’s a party over on Facebook. And yes, it’s a character interview, with Sawyer Matthews from Second Chance Girl.


Before we get to the interview, however, I just have to add my two cents. I had the privilege of beta reading a few of the stories in the anthology – and then I got to proofread the whole damn thing. Second Chance Girl was the first one I read from this anthology, and — blatant plug here — I absolutely loved it. SUCH a good story, SUCH adorable characters. Especially Sawyer. I’m not gonna lie, I want my daughter to meet and fall in love with someone like him. Because, well, I’m taken, and I’m a tad older than he is, and well, that would be just… Okay, let’s get to the interview, shall we?

Tami’s Thoughts: Sawyer, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible, but still give the readers what they want, y’know? Anyway, do you want to tell us about yourself? Are you your author’s muse or the bane of her existence?

Sawyer Matthews: (Chuckles) Great question. I guess I’d have to consider myself a muse, of course. I grew up a pretty great kid, but life knocked me down kind of hard. Let’s see, I really like cars, and actually, I’m pretty good at working with them. Once upon a time I thought I might become a mechanic, but that and some other dreams disappeared after a bad accident I had. I played basketball in high school and was good for high school, not good enough for college. I’ve had one serious girlfriend. Her name was Mandy. We didn’t work out because life took us different directions. She went away to college and she’s happily married now.

 TT: Well, considering I’ve read your book, I can say I’m not upset that you and Mandy didn’t work out. Tell me, what do you think readers will like best about you? What will make them cringe or groan?

SM: Hmm. Probably my leather jacket best. I mean, isn’t it awesome?


TT: (Giggles like I’m half my age and could ever stand a chance with this hottie.)

SM: In all seriousness, though, I pride myself on being honest and saying what’s on my mind. I hope people like that about me because you always know where you stand with me. Least, probably my smoking habit.

TT: Yeah, you’re right, a lot of people aren’t fans of smoking. Rebekah is one of them, I noticed. Speaking of, are you seeing anyone? Dating?

SM: Nope, single and proud. Who knows if that will change by the end of this story, though?

TT: I know. But I won’t ruin it for our readers. On the subject of dating, where’s your favorite place to seduce a girl?  

SM: A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell. (winks) Okay, okay, just you, Ms. Lund. As a youth pastor’s kid, I’d have to say in the the youth room at a lock in. Not when I was a kid, but that definitely appeals to me now.

 TT: (Preens as if he’s just flattered me in some way. I’m such a cougar.) Let’s talk a little bit about Rebekah, shall we? What do you wish she understood about you?

SM: My need to think things through before I speak. I like to have everything worked out in my mind before I come to a conclusion or decision.

TT: That’s reasonable. Keeps you from saying the wrong thing. Most of the time, anyway. On that subject, is there one scene in the book you wish you could rewrite?

SM: I definitely would have been nicer to Rebekah that first night. That girl–what can I say? That girl was not what I thought. I should have given her a chance right then and there to show me who she was.

TT: (Swooning) Let’s get me back on track. Has your author ever put you into an embarrassing situation? How did you handle it?

SM: Well, the one above was not my most glorious moment. I’m definitely regretful that I didn’t treat her so well. I jumped to conclusions, I treated her the way I feared she would treat me. In hindsight, that was a total fail.

TT: Well, if she’s anything like me, she will definitely forgive you. How about this one: Is there anything specific in this book of which you are particularly proud?

 SM: Yes. I’m proud of the way I was able to overcome what I needed to overcome. You know, it held me back for a long time, and now I’m going forward.  But I can’t take all the credit for that (smiles).

 TT: (More swooning) Sawyer, I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me today. Do you want to add anything else, before we wrap up this interview?

SM: Anyone got a light?


See what I mean? Are you not already in love with him? Sawyer is one of twenty-one heroes who will be on display in the Unwrapping Love anthology, which becomes available on December first. And don’t forget that release party. Maybe you’ll get to talk to Sawyer again.

And how about Sawyer’s author? What’s her story? Well, here it is (the short version):

Charis Author Pic

C.S. Kendall spent her formative years growing up in the small town of McPherson, Kansas, USA. As such, there was not much to do, so her imagination, which always lagged behind her age, had free reign. From playing dress up into her teens, recording radio shows with various voices and storylines with her friends, to dappling with the art of crafting a novel, there were few dull moments for her.

Enter adulthood, a day job, and the backburner. But story came calling, and finally, her imagination woke up and answered. Though she loves and is fulfilled by her job as a social work therapist, she equally enjoys running away in her mind to imaginary lands with made up people.

She lives happily with her husband and their two amazing children in southwest Michigan.

And there you have it, faithful readers. In less than two weeks, you’ll have Unwrapping Love, too, and you’ll be able to read Sawyer’s entire story, courtesy of C.S. Kendall. In the meantime, keep checking back, because this week, I’ll be featuring quite a few Writing Wenches and their characters on my blog. It’s all building up to the big release day — December first!

‘Til then, read on!




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