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I’m sure you’ve noticed the vast majority of my posts lately have been in promotion of the holiday anthology, Unwrapping Love, which releases on Monday, December first. And yes, the release party is over on Facebook. With each post, I’ve highlighted some of the authors who are part of this anthology. (Did I mention it’s 21 stories in all? That should feed your reading addiction for a little while, eh?)
Generally, my features have involved either the author or one of the characters from the stories. Well, we’re shaking it up a bit today. While this post is about one of the authors featured in Unwrapping Love, instead of talking about that particular story, we’re going to talk about the other two books she has out. Mostly because I stumbled upon these books via getting to know the author, Christine Cacciatore, and now that I have, I can’t wait to read them. See, this is how it happens, and this is why I’m so excited for you all to read Unwrapping Love, because you are about to potentially discover 21 new authors, many of whom have other books for your reading enjoyment.
With that in mind, let me go ahead and introduce you to two books written by one of those authors. Christine Cacciatore co-authored Baylyn, Bewitched and Cat, Charmed, with her sister, Jenny Starkman.
Baylyn-Bewitched-Baylyn, Bewitched is a whimsical story about Baylyn Travers, a witch who would love to meet that special man. However, most of her first dates are also last dates because her magic interferes in hilarious ways. She meets Declan Hughes and although her magic flares up when he’s around, the passion and love she finds with him make it necessary to figure out a way to be together.
Cat, Charmed is a charming story about a tightly wound control freak who is suddenly gifted with magical powers she did not ask for. It’s the second book in the Whitfield Witch series. Cat not only deals with new magical powers, but also with a man who, despite his playboy ways, is working his way into her heart…a heart she didn’t know could love, or trust, again.Cat-Charmed_-_B&N
I’ve already read Christine’s story, Noah Cane’s Candy, from the Unwrapping Love anthology, and that’s what prompted me to look up these two books. I thoroughly enjoyed that story, and am looking forward to getting my hands on these two books. Want to know where to buy them? Right here:
Want a little more info about the authors? Here you go:

Christine Collins Cacciatore and Jennifer Collins Starkman started reading anything they could get their hands on at a very early age, seeking out pigs who could talk, little people who borrow or cats in the hat. It only makes sense, then, that their love of reading would flow into a love of writing.Baylyn, Bewitched is their first novel in the Whitfield Witch series. The second book in the series is Cat, Charmed.

Chris and Jenny are both married to scrumptious men and have three marvelous children each, along with a preposterous dog to share in the chaos. Jenny also never misses an opportunity to point out that Chris is the much older sister, by a full three and a half years. Chris is fine with that because rocking her granddaughter makes her feel all better.

Chris Cacciatore also blogs on humor at the Life and Times of Poopwa Foley. She has had stories in three Not Your Mother’s Book anthologies and is eagerly anticipating seeing her short story Noah Cane’s Candy in the Writing Wenches anthology going on sale Monday, December 1, entitled Unwrapping Love.

Want to stalk these lovely ladies on social media?


Cacciatore Starkman Authors Facebook Page

Christine’s also on Twitter.

And yes, keep checking back. There will be more, both about the Unwrapping Love anthology, and about a few other authors I’ve met during this writing journey. In fact, tomorrow you’re getting a bonus – two posts! ‘Til then, keep reading…


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