Don’t Hate on the Erotica with Author Sheri Williams

If you’ve ever read my blog before, you know I love to feature other authors. I like to feature their books, interviews with their characters, and especially interviews with the authors themselves, where they tell me (us) about subjects that are close to their hearts. Or computer keyboards.

Today, I’m featuring Sheri Williams. She writes steamy romance and erotica. Unfortunately, erotica is (in some circles) considered a taboo subject, and Sheri finds herself forced to defend her choice of writing material. On today’s blog, she gives us a little insight as to why reading – or writing – erotica shouldn’t hold the stigma it does. Read on. Don’t be afraid.


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Awhile back I wrote a blog called Yeah I Write Erotica, So What? When I started talking to the lovely Tami about doing a guest blog for her, in the month of love, I figured this would be a great time to do a continuation of that previous post. Because, in reality, talking about writing erotica and romance novels is almost as important as the actual writing of those novels.

You would think in 2015, in a world filled with so much tragedy, with so much hate and loss everyday, that people would leave us writers alone. We bring happiness to our readers. We bring sexy times to their bedrooms, with or without partners. What on god’s green earth is wrong with that? In my last blog I made mention of a sandwich board that screamed out I AM NOT A PERV. And I’m not. I’m a wife. I’m a mom. I’m a writer. And what I do in my bedroom has absolutely nothing to do with what I write about. Let me say that again, in case you missed it, NOTHING.

You know why? Cause I write fantasy as well. Not my fantasy, so get that out your head right now, you dirty girl. No, my fantasies are reserved for my husband,thankyouverymuch. However, I write fantasy. Real world, how cool would it be if my husband/partner/boyfriend wanted me so much that he just had to have me against the door fantasy. Because really, ladies, who hasn’t had that thought?

I call it fantasy because in reality, if you are anything like me, that just doesn’t happen. Not for lack of want, or will, but simply for lack of time. You guys understand that. I know my readers do. We are time crunched. It’s go go go all the time. Between two kids, a husband who works 50-60 hours a week (and God love him for working so hard, so I can be home with our kids and to write), between writing, housework, and pets, it’s just hard (pun intended) to find time alone sometimes. And I know for an absolute fact, that my reasons are the same reasons for most of my readers. They read the romance and the erotica to be whisked away. To get lost in something that doesn’t involve paper towels, wipes, or kitty litter scoopers.

And for all of those who hate on erotica/romance writers and readers, what is wrong with that? Why do people feel the need to hate on escapism? No seriously, why? I don’t get the hate. I mean I don’t understand hate in a lot of situations, but that’s a blog for another day.

Anyway, let’s leave the haters, cause really I try really hard most of the time to ignore them. I don’t write to irritate them (despite what they think). No, I write to make people happy. Maybe to make them tingle a little bit, to blush if they read my stuff in public. It would make me supremely proud if somthing I wrote sent a couple to the bedroom. No really, that would be so cool.

And maybe you are tired of hearing me talk about writing erotica and being proud of it, but I won’t stop. For every blog I write, there are pages, and websites denouncing my chosen profession as the basest form of entertainment. Oh well. I hope that something in this rambling post strikes a chord with you. Even better, I hope you go pick up a romance novel or an erotica novella and readit. Get a little hot under the collar. Make a little nooky. Go on. Have fun.


 Sheri Williams Author Pic Sheri is a wife and momma. Living in Alabama despite being a Yankee, she has always wanted to be a writer. Sheri likes to dabble in multiple genres and formats, liking to live dangerously while she fulfills her need to create. She loves to read and fangirl, sometimes both at once. You can find Sheri at http://momtojuju.wix.com/sheriwilliams-authorand Sheri Williams, Author. She tweets at @AuthorSheri. She’s also a Writing Wench, and blogs over there on occasion.

And if you want to check out one of her books, here they are: Amazon Author Page. Enjoy!

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