Tami’s 2015 Blogging Plan

I enjoy blogging. It offers the chance to do several things:Blogging Player

  1. I can talk about pretty much whatever the hell I want to. Within reason, of course. I mean, it has to be something readers are interested in reading about, right? Otherwise, why bother?
  2. I can search the Internet and Pinterest for pictures to accompany said posts. Hot guys, anyone? Funny sayings? Amusing caricatures? It’s all in the name of research. Really.
  3. I can talk about my books. I write – a lot. So usually, there’s a new release coming out soon. Blogging allows me to keep you up on the details of those releases (cover reveals, parties, giveaways, etc.). It also allows me to give you information that isn’t necessarily in those books – scenes that were pulled and tossed to the editing room floor, interviews with characters, and sometimes even recipes (not my own, of course, since I’m not the cook in my family – why do you think I think chefs are so sexy? Someone has to prepare my meals because I sure as hell can’t, at least not well).
  4. I get to introduce my readers to other authors. I have a lot of friends who are authors (shocking, I know), and usually one (or several) of them is releasing a new book at any given time. I love to host my author friends on my bblogging-guest-bloggers-welcomelog, so you can get to know them too. And maybe find a new book to read. Or better yet, a new author to love.

In December, I struggled a bit with my blog. I had two new releases – one a paranormal romance (Dawning of Light, book 2 in the Lightbearer series), and I was part of a Christmas anthology called Unwrapping Love, which is a collection of contemporary holiday short stories. Two very different books. (Not to mention the contemporary romance I released on January 19, titled Undercover Heat.) I tried to do two things on my blog during December – feature quite a few of the other authors who were in the Unwrapping Love anthology, as well as push my other two upcoming releases. On top of that, I hosted a few other authors who were not involved in any of those projects.

At the end of the month, when I looked back at all the posts, it felt discombobulated to me. It didn’t flow. There was no rhyme or reason. You never knew what to expect from day to day. Not that this is a requirement of blogs, but to my slightly OCD senses, it was bothersome.

I decided for 2015, I would try to bring reason – or at least flow and consistency – to my blog. As I already had authors and takeovers and guests and whatever else you want to call it scheduled into February, this flow and consistency couldn’t start until March.

And March is finally here! Well, as of tomorrow. Semantics. Anyway, so what’s the plan, you ask? Well, each month for the rest of the year has a theme. And every post, whether my own or a guest post, will follow that theme. My goal is to put up a post at least once a week (and usually far more frequently than that, as you can see from the March lineup below), mixing my own posts with those from other authors or bloggers (or those crazy characters who have a tendency to take over my blog).

Below, I’ve listed the theme for each month, as well as the guests who are currently scheduled for March. Make sure you mark your calendars, so you don’t miss a single post. Or better yet, make it a habit to check my website each and every day. There’s bound to be something new happening at any given time. And most of all… Enjoy!

NOTE: This is all, of course, subject to change at any given moment. Keep that in mind and don’t yet at me when your favorite author’s date switches from the 4th to the 17th, ‘kay?


wedding clip artMatrimonial March – All posts will have to do with weddings, whether it’s anti-weddings, attending weddings, or planning weddings. Wedding bells will be ringing during Matrimonial March.

3/1 – Me! Learn about my days as a wedding planner (yes, that really happened).


3/2 – Jennifer Ray 

3/8 – Kay Blake 

3/13 – Patricia D. Eddy

3/17 – Alexandra Hathaway

3/20 – Terri Patrick 

3/24 – Larynn Ford

3/30 – Suzie Jay 


Appetizing April – Many of my books feature food and/or chefs as prominent themes and/or characters. Why? Because who doesn’t love food? Let’s talk recipes or restaurants or dinner parties. Or maybe sexy scenes involving food? If it’s related to food and eating, I want it on my blog in April.

Mad May – Who has a great antagonist? The kind you love to hate? I want to hear from them on my blog in May. Let’s hear it for angry blog posts!

Jello Shot June – In April we focused on food. In June, we’ll focus on drinks. The beginning of summer seems like the perfect time to talk cocktails. Share recipes or funny drunken stories or great excerpts from books, so long as there’s a drink or two involved.

Jealous July – There are so many storyline possibilities revolving around jealousy. The jealous ex, the jealous BFF, the jealous brother/sister/cousin. Tell me about those storylines or character traits. Everybody loves a jealous lover!

Anything Goes August – It’s a free-for-all. Just as the title implies, anything goes in August. If your blog post doesn’t fit anywhere else, let’s feature it in August.

Shifter September – I love shifters. So do lots of other people. So this month is devoted entirely to our fave furry alpha heroes, and all the other characters connected to them.

Outrageous October – Sometimes, some of the best characters in books are those outrageously funny or snarky or evil supporting characters. Only the outrageous will be featured on my blog in October.

Naughty November – Let’s hear it for books with a little spice. Or maybe a lot? Let’s focus on those scenes we love so much – November is all about the naughty!

Dancing December – Is there a sweet dancing scene in your book? Does your hero sweep the heroine off her feet at a dance club? Or during dance class? Is your hero afraid to dance? I’d love to feature your book on my blog during December.

Be sure to bookmark my blog. Or follow me on Bloglovin’ or Networked Blogs. Each month, a different theme. It promises to be – at the very least – entertaining! Enjoy!

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