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Today is an unusual Jello Shot June blog post. Today, I’m going to tell you about Authors After Dark, a readers convention that’s being held in Atlanta, Georgia this year. The dates are August 12-16, 2015. Why am I telling you this? Because I will be there! Yep. I’m a featured author this year. Oh, and I like wine. See how I pulled the Jello Shot June theme into the post? Clever, eh? Okay, anyway…

What does this mean to you? Allow me to explain…
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It means you, along with myself, and a slew of other readers and authors, will get to learn firsthand why locals refer to it as “Hotlanta.” I’ve heard it gets so hot in August, you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to see that!

It means one last hurrah before fall, when life gets so damn busy we can hardly keep up, let alone get ahead. Think of it as a vacation. With me! I love vacations, and I love sharing them. Just don’t touch my wine. Okay, just kidding. I love sharing my wine, too. So long as there is plenty more available. It’s way more fun to drink with a friend. Or a hundred.

It means the image you have of me – and those other authors who will be there – in your head will be forever altered. Hopefully in a good way. Although I do laugh too loudly and far too often and sometimes tell raunchy jokes, and my gatekeeper tends to take its own vacation when I’ve had a few glasses of wine. So maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all…

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It means if you are remotely obsessed with any of my books, you will have someone to talk to who is happy to analyze, expound, discuss, pick apart, and talk endlessly about them for as long as you’d like – and then some. We’ll make a contest of it. Whoever gets sick of talking about my books first has to buy the next round. I like red wine, just so you know. Although if it’s as hot as they say it will be, I may have to switch to white for the week. Just as long as it isn’t too sweet.

It means you can go to these things called “panels” where a row of authors line up behind a table and you ask questions and we have to come up with at least semi-intelligent answers. I’m not supposed to tell you who will be featured on which panels, but I will say this: I write paranormal books, specifically those about shifters. And I write blue collar romance. And comedy. And you could probably hit me up and I’ll let you know what else I may or may not write/happen to believe I know enough about to sit on a panel. Assuming I’m on any panels, of course. Which I am. Because I’m a featured author. (I just wanted to say I’m a featured author again, because it sounds so… cool.)


It means you get to go to a ball. Yep, one of those debutant-thingies. People dress up. There are themes. I’m hosting a table at the Tiara Ball. And last I checked, it wasn’t full, so if you wanna join me for dinner…

There are also excursions. Apparently, they let us leave the hotel on occasion. Together. Readers and authors. Bonding. And if I’m involved, there will be wine. Because, well, wine goes well with bonding. Or anything.

Mostly, it’s an opportunity to hang out with a bunch of cool romance authors. Meet a few new ones. Get up close and personal with your faves. Oh, and there’s me, wherever I fall in those categories.

So you should join us. Here’s the link: AUTHORS AFTER DARK

Sign up. And get ready, HotLanta, because we’re about to take over your town!

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