A SOULful Book – And a Bit of Foodie Background

She fled to save him from the curse. Now she must flee to save herself.”

That’s the tagline for a new book just released by fellow author, Anne B. Cole. Sound intriguing? Well, read on. Because it gets better….


Back from their adventures in Souls Entwined, Sam Daggett begins a new relationship with Gretta Dobbs, whose memories of their time traveling experience have been erased. Determined to never leave her again, Sam vows to help Gretta, despite the bad luck curse on her heirloom ring. Within hours of their return, tragedy strikes. As Sam becomes the third victim of the bad luck curse, Gretta’s memories of her time spent in the past begin to return. Unable to remember more than snippets, she realizes that anyone close to her is in grave danger. In order to keep Sam and her family safe, she flees in the middle of the night. Finding the perfect summer job in the back hills of Virginia, Gretta unknowingly crosses paths with a serial killer. With guidance from their ancestral spirits, Roxana and Katarina, Sam desperately attempts to find Gretta before the curse strikes again.


The Inspiration Behind Five Foods in Souls Estranged, Book Two of The Souls Trilogy

By Anne B. Cole

I love to write, bake, and eat, so my characters converse over some of my favorites. Here are five yummy foods I included within the pages of Souls Estranged…

Blog_Pastry#5 Blueberry Buckle

Ruby, the elderly nurse who tends to Sam’s broken shoulder, is an awesome cook. She whips up my favorite coffee cake, Blueberry Buckle. This recipe was given to my mom years ago by a friend who claims the recipe was served in the White House for George Washington.

#4 Boyland’s Birch Beer

Birch beer is similar to root beer, but better. Sam and Gretta tailgate at a racetrack and enjoy some ice cold Boyland’s birch beer. I bought a bottle of this non-alcoholic soda a few years ago and it is amazing.Blog_Beer

#3 Hoosier Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

Blog_Fish Sandwich
While Sam and Gretta remain in the present time, Roxana and Katarina continue to search for answers behind the curses in the afterlife. They entwine their souls within two women destined for Tartarus in attempts to break the curse on Gretta’s ring. During this time, Roxana gets to feast on Indiana’s famous sandwich—the pork tenderloin. It is absolutely delicious and huge!

 #2 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

My second daughter loves to make chocolate chip cookies. I know we shouldn’t eat the dough, but we sneak a little spoon full as she bakes the cookies. Tragic events begin to happen to those around Gretta so she takes a summer job house sitting to isolate herself from everyone she loves. She keeps a stick of cookie dough in the fridge to snack on and share with a new friend.Blog_Cookie Dough

#1 Loaded Baked Potato Chip

Blog_NachosMy favorite diner, Jersey Café, serves the best homemade loaded baked potato chips. Full of bacon, cheese, and barbeque sauce…a plate of these are devoured by my family within minutes! I had to include them in my book. Gretta enjoys the chips at a diner with a friend.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the Inspiration behind Five Foods in Souls Estranged!


Before we wrap up, how about a taste of Soul’s Estranged?

In the dim morning light of the hospital room, Sam Daggett watched the little cat stretch its front paws before zeroing intense green eyes on him.

“Roxana?” He scrutinized the feline for the slightest twitch of recognition.


Doubting Roxana’s spirit remained entwined within the gray and white cat, he moved his focus to Gretta Dobbs. She slept peacefully with her hand nestled in his. Neither of their families had returned to the hospital. Her garnet ring caught his attention and immediately a sense of foreboding crept up his spine.

His heart sped as images of his time traveling, out-of-body adventure with Gretta flashed through his mind. Roxana, Gretta’s long-dead ancestor, enabled their souls to entwine within nineteenth-century lovers in order to gather information on the cursed ring. Pride, determination, and fear filled him.

“I’m so sorry we didn’t find all of the answers we needed,” Sam whispered as he lifted her hand to his lips. He watched her eyes and listened for the beep of the heart monitor to quicken, satisfied she remained in dreamland. “I know you don’t remember our time together or what we’ve been through.”

He shuddered at the memories. His gaze fell back to the ring. Frustration filled him. The urge to rip it off her hand pounded through him, but he remembered she remained cursed with or without the ring.

Control. I must control my emotions.

He refocused his thoughts on the present and relished in the gratitude of simply being in the same room with her.

A soft sigh escaped her lips and she squeezed his hand before slipping into a deeper slumber.

“With you, nothing is impossible.” Careful not to bump his broken collarbone, Sam leaned closer and murmured, inches from her ear, “Brave and beautiful. Ready and willing to face pirates, spirits, and the horrors of the purgatories to end the family curse.” His heart hammered in his chest as memories of seeking treasure, falling in love, and losing it all flashed within his mind.

“I love you, Gretta. I’ll do everything in my power to earn your love.”

Tracing his fingers over the back of her hand, he touched the face of the ring’s oval red stone. He remembered every moment of their time together, while Gretta’s memories had been erased. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t prevent his thoughts from wandering. Concern prickled his skin as he recalled their quest to understand the ring’s curses.

The most dangerous one, a curse of bad luck, remained a mystery.

He inhaled and pushed his failures away. “Katarina told me to keep my distance from you because of potential tragedy. Nothing will keep me away. I vow to protect and love you forever.”

Gretta’s grip on his fingers tightened. With her hand remaining in his, he brushed a stray lock of hair off her cheek. She released his fingers and nuzzled into his palm with a tiny sigh. He closed his eyes, content to be back in his own body and time with her.

Yet uneasiness crept deep within and the dreadful feeling of impending tragedy grew stronger with every passing minute.

Who is the author behind this intriguing story?

5aAnne B. Cole is a genre bending author who enjoys combining supernatural suspense, time travel, and sweet romance with a touch of magical realism in her books.

Anne lives in Indiana with her husband and three teenage children. She teaches preschool and makes time to run so she can eat ice cream and doughnuts. Anne is currently working on Souls Endure, The Final Book of The Souls Trilogy.

Anne B. Cole is a genre bending author who enjoys combining supernatural suspense, time travel, and sweet romance with a touch of magical realism in her books.

Anne lives in Indiana with her husband and three teenage children. She teaches preschool and makes time to run so she can eat ice cream and doughnuts. Anne is currently working on Souls Endure, The Final Book of The Souls Trilogy.



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