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I haven’t been blogging regularly lately, at least not here, on my own blog. Mostly that’s because I’m blogging in other places. Once a month (usually on a Friday) you can find me over at the Writing Wenches website. Every two or three months on a Wednesday, you can read my words on the Soul Mates Publishing blog. And every other Wednesday, I’m hanging out at the Love, Lust, and Laptops blog. And in between all that blogging, I’m always in the middle of writing another book. Or several.

So here’s what I’m going to do with this blog. I (virtually) hang out with a bunch of pretty cool authors who write, among other topics, shifters. And as we all know readers of shifter romance are a voracious bunch, I decided I’m going to give you a pretty regular dose of blog posts from fellow shifter authors. Might even happen a few times a week.

For example, today I’d like to direct you to a blog post by a fellow shifter author who also happens to be a Writing Wench. So you know it’s gonna be good.

Take a look at Skye Jones’s post about her favorite shifters. You know you want to.

My Favorite Shifters by Skye Jones 


And check back soon. There’s bound to be another post by another author, and probably about shifters.

Oh yeah, and if you like this concept (learning about all sorts of new authors), you should check out my Facebook group, Come Wine with Tami. It’s all about hanging out and getting to know (new) favorite authors. Once a month, we have a featured author Q&A, too. Don’t miss it!

Come Wine With Tami Lund-2

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