Utterly Random Things For Which I’m Thankful

I know the American version of Thanksgiving was last week, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be thankful today, does it? Besides, it’s Monday, the Monday after a long weekend (whether that was defined by too much eating, drinking, and shopping, or because you were one of the “lucky” few who had to work all weekend; either way, if you live in the US, this was a hell of a looooong weekend.), and who doesn’t need a distraction from the waiting pile of emails and voicemails? Let ’em wait a little longer. It won’t take long. I don’t have a great attention span, anyway. So, here you go… utterly random things for which I’m thankful:

The exhaust fan in my bathroom.

Water. What? Did you expect more? It’s self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Wine. Although I wish it had less calories.

About ten hours after a night of heavy drinking, McDonald’s hamburger, fries, and a fountain Coke.

My pink bathroom. If it were white, I’d have to clean it a hell of a lot more frequently.

Cotton. Because wool scratches.

My GM vehicle, because I never, ever have to remember to turn on my headlights.

Four distinct seasons, because gawd, I love my sandals and gawd, I love my boots, and I just don’t think I could ever choose one over the other for eternity.

That I am a writer, so my husband has no justification to bitch when my phone is full of pictures of half-naked men. It’s research, honey.

The people in my family who like to cook—and are good at it—because I am neither good at it nor do I enjoy doing it. But I’m happy to express my gratitude over the food everyone else prepared.

My dog, because without her I would probably never exercise (refer to wine thankfulness).

How about you? Other than the obvious, what are you thankful for?


Here’s a not-quite-random thing for which I’m thankful: My Facebook group, Come Wine with Tami. It’s all about hanging out and getting to know (new) favorite authors. Once a month, we have a featured author Q&A, too. Don’t miss it!

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