Mirror, Mirror, Who’s The Funniest Of Them All?

Happy New Release to MIRROR, MIRROR! This book has something of a convoluted history, which made this particular release day all that much sweeter.

I wrote this book several years ago as a result of an anthology call. The publisher was looking for novellas about urban legends. So I wrote a (funny) story about the Legend of Bloody Mary.

Two weeks after I sent it to the publisher, the acquiring editor reached out and asked me if I could turn it into a full length novel. I of course said yes! I then worked my butt off to add about 40k words before resubmitting.

And then I waited. And waited. And waited. Every few months they’d reach out, reassure me they were still reviewing, and to hang tight. So I did. This was a pretty successful publisher and I was convinced this book-with that publisher–could take my career to the next level.

A *year* later, they finally rejected it. That was last fall. Too late for me to get it edited, commission a cover, and release during the Halloween season, since there are definite Halloween undertones.

I love this book–the original, novella-length version–and after months of contemplation, I decided I still wanted it to be published. I was still convinced it was worthy of your reading eyes. I spent another couple months trying to decide whether to offer it to another publisher or to self-publish. Ultimately, I decided on the self-publishing route. That way, I knew I could control the release day and the price. I got to use my favorite editor and cover designer, too, both of whom did an amazing job (in my humble opinion).

So here we are, finally. MIRROR, MIRROR is available for the world to read. I hope it’s a thoroughly enjoyable few hours of your time. I’m so happy to introduce you to this book!!


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