Welcome to the Snarkology Halloween Hop! So glad you could stop by. Interested in Halloween reads? I’ve got a doozy for you. Here’s a teaser from MIRROR, MIRROR:
The inside of the tent was bare save for piles of silken material strewn on the floor and an elderly woman who sat in a throne-like chair, a small round table before her. A squat, grinning jack-o-lantern and a fat red candle with a bright, tall flame were perched on the table. The candle and the carved pumpkin were the only lights in the tent, but they clearly illuminated the woman who sat behind them.
The woman who, by Adelle’s judgment, looked to be approximately a thousand years old. Her face was heavily lined, her cheeks sagged, her nose was crooked. She wore a brightly colored scarf on her head, wispy gray hairs sticking out from under the silky material. Her body was covered with the same type of peasant shirt and billowing skirt that Adelle wore, except it was uncomfortably obvious she wasn’t wearing a cleavage-enhancing bra, because her breasts hung somewhere in the vicinity of her knees.
“Quit staring at me, girl. You’ll look like this someday, too, if you’re lucky.”
“Lucky,” the woman said, as if Adelle had repeated the word out loud. “You wanna know how many hunks I had in my day? There’s a reason I look so worn out.”
Like that? You can grab it on Amazon right NOW. 
And I know you’re hoping for a giveaway, and I don’t disappoint. I have another book, OF LOVE AND DARKNESS, in paperback. With my autograph on it. And I want you to have it…
OfLoveandDarkness (400)
What’s the catch? Well…. First, you have to be a US citizen, and I apologize for that, but international shipping rates and all that… After that, all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter (which only goes out once or twice a month) and comment below when you’re done. I will randomly select one winner from the comments. Make sure your email address is in your profile so I can reach out for your mailing info!
And now, head on back to the hop for even more fab books and goodies and prizes. Trick or Treat!!

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