SEXY BAD BOSS Needs Your Vote!

I wrote an award-winning book!!

(Well, I co-wrote it with Misti Murphy, and it will only be “award winning” if you help a couple of authors out!)

SEXY BAD BOSS (you’ve read it, right? Right? Right?), which is the third book in the Sexy Bad series, got this fantastic review from InD’Tale Magazine, and because the review was THAT fantastic, it’s been nominated for an award.

Here’s the review:

“This steamy romance is hilarious and absolutely unique in that the big, sexy, rich boss man has no clue of his own allure. He is not a playboy, nor does he even have a clue that his own gorgeous assistant is in love with him. Myra is driven and talented and knows what she wants. The connection between the two sizzles, yet communication was somewhat lacking in a few parts. James was a little too straight-laced in the beginning, but once he opens up, he is all fire and passion and when he thinks he has lost Myra for good, he goes to any length to win her back. Add in an adorable little girl, a goat, a duck and a cat, and you have yourself a smoking hot, witty, adorable and heartwarming romance!”


Yeah, we nailed it, didn’t we? And now we might win an award. An award! Like, a real, shiny, fingerprint-magnet, glass tchotchke item to display on our mantels (we’re hoping they made two awards, obviously). Or maybe next to our beds. Or perhaps in the bathroom, on the counter, perched in front of the toothbrush holder.

Whatever. Hey WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT WITH IT — if we win.

And we can only win if you help.

Yeah, you. Our fans. Our readers. The reason we write these [potentially] award-winning books.

So, you wanna read future blog posts about what Misti & I do with our awards?

(Drink with them? Bathe with them? Take them grocery shopping? Is this getting weird now?)

Okay, so if you are looking forward to some pretty strange posts in the future, then here’s how to do it:

1. You must register on the InD’Tale website in order to vote (their rule, not ours). The link is below all these pesky directions.
2. Click login at the top right of the page.
3. Click ‘I want to create an account.’
4. Fill in all necessary info. They do nothing with your email address so don’t worry – no spam!
5. Once you’re registered, you will need to actually log in.
6. Go to the menu and click IND’SCRIBE/RONES.
7. Select ‘2019 RONE Awards’ then week six.
8. First category is Contemporary Steamy – that’s where SEXY BAD BOSS is located!! Select my book then select VOTE!


Now that you’ve gone through all that, I just wanna say THANKS.

Also, Misti & I haven’t stopped co-writing. In fact, we’re currently buried in edits for the first book in a NEW SERIES.

So yeah, stick around. More to come. SOOOOOON.

~  Tami 


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