Ready, Set, Read!

I’ve been a busy, busy author. It’s funny; my calendar doesn’t look like I’ve been doing much, if you focus on the last two months. July and August are fairly empty.

I started the year strong. I released Hungry Like A Dragon, the second in my Taming the Dragon series, in January. In February, I released the first of a two-book mafia series called Trapped by the Mob, and then in March I released the second book in that series, Freed from the Mob.

April was busy with personal stuff; my daughter was confirmed and I had to travel for my day job, plus, I spent a lot of time desperately wishing winter would leave already (it clung on for dear life here in the upper Midwest this year). And of course, I was busy writing away every moment I had.

In May I released the third book in my Taming the Dragon series, called Dragon in Denial. June saw the release of my co-authored romcom, No Jerks on Monday.

I was totally on a roll.

And then July and August hit, and…nothing.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Sure, I didn’t release any books, but let’s be honest, few people buy books in July and August anyway.

What I was doing, was prepping. By prepping, I mean writing. Oh, and editing.

And admiring new covers.

So get ready to rock ‘n’ roll because I’m closing out 2019 with a vengeance!

First, I’m releasing the fourth book in my Taming the Dragon series, Bewitching the Dragon, on September 24. In October, I’m releasing three books. Well, re-releasing, technically. My Tough Love romantic suspense series, which previously was offered through a publisher, is now all mine, mine, mine! So I’m releasing all three books, one week apart, on October 8, 15, and 22. Hope you’re ready to read, read, read!

And lastly, I’m rounding out the year by releasing a brand new book as part of a shared shifter world boxed set called Dark Moon Falls. My editor informed me that she loved this story after only the first round of edits, so that’s pretty exciting!

So yeah, I haven’t released anything in a minute, but rest assured, I have plenty for your reading obsession, beginning next month. Hope you’re ready!


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