Evolution of the Beach Experience

Readers often ask, “Where do you get the inspiration for your books?” The easy answer is ... Everywhere. I once concocted an entire novel in my head, about a wedding planner and one of the guests, along with some intrigue for excitement, while sitting through one of my husband’s cousin’s weddings. When the hubs nudged my... Continue Reading →

This Writer Learns to Let Go

I have learned a great deal since I made the decision that this writing gig was actually, truly meant to be my career. As much as I have already learned, so I know there is much, much more. One thing I am in the process of learning is to let go. What do es that... Continue Reading →

Anniversaries, New Websites and Great Book Deals!

Crimson Romance has a new look, a new store, and new romances for you to adore! To celebrate its second anniversary, Crimson's refreshed its webpage with a whole new look at www.crimsonromance.com, featuring new releases, bestsellers, submission guidelines, and more. Plus, the new Crimson e-bookstore (www.adamsmediastore.com/crimson-romance/) offers fantastic romances at lower prices! Save 30% off hundreds... Continue Reading →

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