DAY SEVEN: A Week of Wands, Fangs, & Wings Paranormal Blog Tour

Welcome to DAY SEVEN of A Week of Wands, Fangs and Wings – A Paranormal Book Blog Tour!

Every day this week we have featured books by EIGHT different authors. What kind of books? Paranormal! What do we mean by paranormal? Well, just as the title implies: wands, fangs, wings and everything in between. Pretty much, if it isn’t real, it might be here. If you enjoy reading all things paranormal, we are about to hand you heaven on a gilded plate. Or, at least, on your e-reader.

What have we had in store for you? Excerpts from cool books. A fun Q&A session with the even-cooler authors who wrote them. A rafflecopter contest in which you could win a total of ELEVEN e-books. Wait, let’s note that again, just for clarification.

Eleven. Books. Free. And TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER!

Do it. Now. 

The contest closes at midnight tonight (EST), and the winner will be announced Friday evening, so don’t forget to enter. As if you would. In the meantime, let’s learn about Rebekah Ganiere.

Rebekah G author picRebekah has been a very busy author. Dead Awakenings debuted in January, Red the Were Hunter in May and she has another, Snow the Vampire Slayer, releasing on September 22, not to mention a trilogy called The Society, which is scheduled to be released in 2015. Is your TBR list growing?

Follow her on social media to keep up with all the latest releases: website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ And on SavvyAuthors.com.

 Rebekah answers a few questions for us as well…

1. Red or White? Red! Always Red!

2. Do you have an actor in mind to play the hero when your book becomes a movie? If so, who? Yes! I always have someone in mind when I write a hero! For Dead Awakenings in the beginning I patterned Luca after Prince Nuada from Hellboy II. And then I saw Hello on Wheels and loved Anson Mount as Luca. Though my friends say he is too old to play Luca. For Adrian, in Red the Were Hunter, I like Henry Cavill, Sigh…Superman!

3. E-book or print? I love the price of E-books but I’d rather hold a book in my hands every day of the week. Of course my hubby wishes I liked e-books more because of how many books I have.

4. Fave paranormal being? Vampires, Love em!

5. Sweet or spicy? Spicy! Always Spicy. I have only ever read one sweet that I really enjoyed.


Don’t you just love learning a little something about the authors who write the books you like to read? Speaking of, Rebekah has two books on this blog tour, Dead Awakenings and Red the Were Hunter. A little taste of each is below:

From Red the Were Hunter…


“Where am I?” asked Redlynn

“In Wolvenglen,” replied Adrian.

“Who in their right mind would live in Wolvenglen? Don’t you know there are Weres out here?”

“Please, put down the knife.” He motioned to the knife Redlynn had forgotten she was pointing at him.

She glanced at it and weighed it in her hand. It was solid. Her hunting knife was larger, but she could make do with it if need be.

“Where are my things? I need to go.”RedCover8.8small

“Hanna, our healer, will bring them in the morning when she comes to check on you, and bring you a change of clothes.”

Still holding the knife, she reached up and touched her collarbone, underneath her cloak. A bandage covered the wound. It was tender. Peeling it away, she assessed what she could see of the damage.

“I wouldn’t do that,” he warned.

Redlynn gave him a hard stare and went back to inspecting the wound. She stuck her fingers in the salve and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger, smelling it.

“Comfrey and calendula.” Pulling at the green leaves, she winced as they ripped a piece of skin and seeped. Smelling the leaves, she put them in her mouth and chewed them before spitting them out. “Fernblend. Did she do that?”

“No, I did.”

“Don’t you know you have to keep it wet?”

“I thought saving your life was more important,” he bit back. “You were in bad shape when I found you.”

“Well when I scrub it off, I am going to wish I were dead. Where did you find me, anyway?”

“Listen.” He took a deep breath. His eyes softened and his voice gentled. “I was trying to help you. It was one of the few things I remember my mother teaching me about herbs.”

“Your mother’s a healer?”

“Was. Now, will you please lie down before you pass out? You lost a lot of blood.”

“I’ve had worse,” Redlynn lied. “I need to get my things and be on my way.”

“You need to rest. You can barely hold that knife, let alone walk through the forest.”

“I’ll be fine.”

He stepped out of her way. “Very well. You are free to leave.” He motioned to the door.

Was this a joke? Was he really going to let her go? Gripping the knife, she took several steady steps toward the exit before her knees buckled. He caught her around the waist, sending a shockwave of tingles through her body.

His musky scent mixed in her nostrils and her head lightened again. His body wasn’t just warm, it was hot; he was a fire in his own right.

“Let go,” she said softly.

“I was merely keeping you from further injuring yourself.”

His light blue tunic opened in a “v” and his chiseled, hairless chest peaked out beneath. Her eyes locked with his. He hadn’t shaved in a day or two; the whiskers looked ruggedly good on him. His face wore an expression she’d never seen aimed at her before. Desire. The butterflies in her stomach danced and spun. His face was so close as he studied her features.

“Please, let go,” she choked, her voice raw with tension.

He continued to stare at her for a moment more, and then swooped her into his arms as if she were a child. She stiffened at the press of his body against hers.

Her heart thundered in her chest. A man had never held her before. “Let go of me.” She pushed at his chest and tried to twist from his grip. The movement made her dizzy again.

“Stop, before I drop you,” he said. He pushed the curtains aside, and laid her where she’d started.

Redlynn’s mind whirled as she lay on the bed. The scent of his skin lingered near her. She swallowed hard. He’d touched her. No man had ever wanted to touch her before.


And here is the excerpt from Dead Awakenings:

Luca was silent for a long time, as if struggling with something. She tuned into his feelings. He was tired, scared, excited. Finally he broke down, and she felt him resign. “I was worried about you. You had a seizure after you passed out and I was concerned, so I stayed.” Luca ran his hands over his face and then back through his hair. He sighed. “There’s something about you. I’m drawn to you in a way that I don’t want to be. You make me feel in ways that I haven’t for a long time. I never thought these emotions would be awakened in me again, but now they have, whether I like it or not. I feel protective of you, possessive even. As though you were meant to be mine.” He took a step closer to her and then another. Evaine’s body responded to his close proximity. Her mouth grew dry, and she tried to swallow.DeadAwakenings_ByRebekahRGranier-800x1200

He lifted his hand slowly and pushed the hair back from her face. The intensity of his gaze burned into her. Something stirred within her. A fire in her belly that made her head swim and her thighs go weak. Luca’s pupils contracted and then narrowed to slits. He caressed her cheek and brought his lips within inches of her. He bent his face to her hair and smelled it, inhaling deeply, and then skimmed down her neck. The fire within her burned. Before she could think about what she was doing or what it all meant, she turned her head and pushed herself forward till her lips met his. He tangled his hand in her long mane in an instant. His other arm wrapped around her, lifting her off the ground and pushing her into the wall. She pressed into him harder, her body exploding at his touch. She gripped the back of his head with all of their strength. He pulled her tight to him. She couldn’t think straight. All of her pain, her fear, her frustration, and her passion poured from her core into him. His emotions swam in her head. All of his pent-up loneliness and sadness melted away. Giving in to his want, his need to be with her and to have her as his own. She took everything he gave. He turned and fell on top of her on the mattress.

She wanted nothing more than to rip his clothes off. The weight of his body hovered over her as he kissed her head, her nose, her neck, her cheeks, her lips. He moved his hands along the thin fabric of her shirt, making parts of her wake up and beg to be touched. The muscles of his back tensed as she raked his skin with her nails through his shirt. He let out a moan and grabbed her hip bones. He was everywhere, and she only wanted more of him.

Wait – that’s it? Damn. Guess we need to provide the book links now:

Red the Were Hunter: http://www.amazon.com/Were-Hunter-Fairelle-Rebekah-Ganiere-ebook/dp/B00K0SEV2A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1408064504&sr=8-2&keywords=rebekah+ganiere

Dead Awakening: http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Awakenings-Rebekah-R-Ganiere-ebook/dp/B00HMUQWQ2/ref=la_B00HMX1M3C_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1408064683&sr=1-2


If you still want to give it a shot – a chance to win ELEVEN e-books – don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter contest. Do it before midnight eastern!





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