ETERNITY: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance

Eternity - Blood Courtesans Cover“You’re trying to seduce me.” And it’s working.

“Yes, and it’s annoying that I even have to try.”

I almost laughed. My sexy, mouthy Abigail. Oh, how her mouth had felt, wrapped around my cock, while I lounged against the headboard, one hand finger combing her hair while the other toyed with one of her nipples, until I’d been unable to take a moment more and grabbed her and twisted her onto her back, positioned my body between her legs and…

“You never have to try. That’s the problem.” I made a beeline for the wine she’d placed on the nightstand and poured a hefty amount into one of the glasses. “Would you care for some?”

“Please.” Ignoring the way her gaze raked my body as she murmured the word, I filled the second glass and held it out to her.

We both silently sipped, her appearing calm as a cucumber, while my brain worked feverishly, alternating between trying to force out a goodbye and making my feet move toward the door; and a slideshow in which every moment we’d spent together six months ago was flashed before my inner eye, reminding me of everything I’d given up. And letting me know that if I wanted to open that particular can of worms again, she was here, standing before me, ready and more than willing to accommodate my needs, my lust, my obsession.


“Tell me what you’ve been up to,” I said, an effort to shut off the inner turmoil. “Have you met someone?” Why did I ask such a question? I didn’t want to know the answer. Yes would mean there was potentially no future for us; no would mean the same damn thing, except I’d have less ammunition for that side of my brain telling me to run away with my tail between my legs.

She laughed, the sound forced. “I can’t believe you just asked me that. Why do you think I’m here?”

“Because you hate the farm and you want to find a job in the city?” Which, by the way, I needed to convince her not to do. I had connections out west, in San Francisco and Seattle. I could make a few arrangements and ship her off, ensuring her safety and my sanity.

“Oh my God.” She stared at me like she hadn’t really looked at me all night long. “You really don’t get it, do you?”

“What?” I asked, my eyes narrowing, the glass hovering an inch from my lips.

“I’m here for you. I want you.”

She stepped closer, so close I had to move my glass, hold my arm out to my side, so she could sidle up and rub her breasts against my chest. Her nipples puckered, sharp points I wanted to bite before I suckled until she moaned and writhed with pleasure. Clenching my fists and gritting my teeth, I tried to resist touching her, but my self-control had fizzled out with those candles on her birthday cake.

Twenty. She wasn’t even twenty yet. I was twenty-eight when I was turned, eight years older than her, and I’d still felt as though my entire life had been taken from me. At twenty she hadn’t even begun to live hers.

It’s Abigail and Parnell’s story, and it’s a tricky one. He loves her, but he set her free because vampires and humans aren’t meant to be together. But she refuses to listen to his logic, and guess what? Trouble’s about to ensue…

And it’s releasing Tuesday, November 6th! Grab your copy while it’s on pre-order at only 99c:






Resist_Blood Courtesans_AmazonPS – If you haven’t read RESIST, it’s Abigail’s sister’s story, the book before ETERNITY. Both can be read stand-alone, but it might be fun to read them in order…





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A Vampire Boxed Set With Bite

Blood Courtesans: Awakenings
Publication date: January 17th 2017
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Darkly decadent and sinfully sensual.

Enter a world where vampires are real, rich, hungry and meet the women who become their blood courtesans. Come let the fangs slip into your blood and awaken you to a whole new life. A boxed set of NEW stories in this popular series.

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Tempted to Try a Vampire?

Ever wanted to try a vampire romance? Here’s your chance. RESIST, my contribution to the Blood Courtesans series, is only 99 cents for a limited time. It’s about a vampire who is the leader of the Chicago covens and a young human woman who believes vampires killed her aunt and have now kidnapped her sister, and a mutual attraction neither wants or needs at the moment.

Here’s a teaser:

There was no reason to mingle our blood, to lift her palm to my mouth and lick while she stared with eyes so wide they very nearly encompassed her entire face. She tasted of wine and fresh earth and air and crisp grass and sunshine. She tasted like memories I haven’t allowed myself to wallow in for far too long.

And she tasted of sex. Not virginal, though, which would have put off some vampires. There was something about virginal blood that stirred something deep in a vampire’s soul, or what passed for one. It was the reason the idea of blood courtesans had been created.

Me, I wasn’t picky. Humans were necessary for survival, and I’d indulged in my fair share of courtesans, some virgin, some not. My preference tended to lean more toward willingness and desire to stick to the rules we’d laid out for the relationship. The one time I ended up with a sappy, clingy courtesan was the last time. I very nearly changed the woman just to do it, just so she could see what an obnoxious brat she was being.

I enjoyed one more lick before allowing Anya to have her hand back. The slightest tremor shot through my arm when I released her. I wanted to feed—and to indulge other desires as well—but I had never taken blood or sex from an unwilling partner, and I wasn’t about to start now.

That little blood bond notwithstanding, of course. That, I reasoned, was a matter of her safety.

She stared at the closed wound, at the white, puckered scar for long moments before lifting those large expressive eyes to me.

“Why’d you do that?” The suspicion was a palpable thing in her voice. This was no naïve country bumpkin. For some reason, that excited me further.

“Would you prefer the sugar-coated version or the entire truth?”

Her eyes narrowed. “The truth.”

I didn’t understand my fellow brethren’s taste for innocence. Anya’s inexperience with my kind was overshadowed by her natural confidence and spark, and was far more alluring than dealing with a young woman who would do and say whatever I asked. Or demanded.

“I’ve bonded you to me. This way, I can sense you, where you are, possibly even when you are in danger. As much as I would be pleased to do so, I know I cannot realistically keep you by my side for every second of every day and night. This way, during those moments we are not together, I will still know you are safe.”

She pulled her hand off the table and rubbed it against her jeans. Such lovely jeans. Not an expensive name brand, yet they fit her rounded ass like a glove, made walking behind her a special treat. What I wouldn’t give to peel that denim away from her skin so I could stroke her, lick her, taste her. One of my favorite areas to take blood was from a woman’s soft inner thigh. Hers, I suspected, would be softer, smoother, than any other I’ve experienced. And I’ve had a great deal of experience.

“You aren’t helping to change my impression of vampires,” she said, slapping me with a dose of guilt for making such a decision without her consent. What an unusual sensation.



Tempted? Give it a try – it’s only 99 cents!



And when you fall in love, there are a whole bunch of other books in the series, to satisfy your, er, vampire tooth. Here’s the link to the website, which lists all of them: BLOOD COURTESAN SERIES

Ready, set, read!



Writer’s Block, a New Release, Valentine’s Day, and a Thousand Other Things…

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I have a husband and a new book release, and all I can focus on is this stupid writer’s block that’s been plaguing me.

Pretty pathetic, eh?

But it’s a vampire novel, and my first one was so well received, I really want to give readers another. Plus, the characters in this one are secondary characters from the first one (It’s called RESIST, if you’re interested. Click the name to check it out, if you want), and I have a terrible tendency to fall so much for my characters that I want to write a happily ever after for every single one.

Wait a minute, I suppose I should tell you about the book that’s releasing tomorrow. On Valentine’s Day. Appropriate, as it’s titled CLAIMING MY VALENTINE (yep, click the name to check out the book). Yeah, it’s an anthology. Fourteen short stories (get it – fourteen??). Shapeshifter stories. Shifter love stories that have something to do with Valentine’s Day. All with a happy ending.

Promo Pic

To top it all off, every penny earned will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Yep. Just for the heck of it. No, not really. It’s because it’s a good cause. Helping every little bit we can, for an incredibly important cause.

So back to my vampire writer’s block. I’m a hundred pages in, the hero and heroine haven’t yet done the nasty (although hot damn, there’s been lots of tension), and now I’ve reached the climactic moment. Not that one; the do or die one. The one where the bad guys discover whatever it is the good guys didn’t want them to know, and now it seems utterly impossible that the good guys will make it out alive (and finally get it on!!), and…

And I’ve rewritten this scene three times in the last three weeks. Three. Times. I should probably go back to the original. It’s probably the best. Except I have the other two fighting for dominance in my head–oh, and let’s talk Valentine’s Day.

I haven’t even bought a card for my husband, let alone acknowledged the day in any way whatsoever. He, on the other hand, has already given me flowers. Yeah, he had them delivered to the day job last Friday. Why? Well, funny story, that. See, I work with a lot of women, most under the age of thirty. It’s a rather young work environment. Anyway, a few years ago on Valentine’s Day, the flower deliveries reached such ridiculous heights, somebody started tracking the number. At the time there were probably 120 people in the office, and I believe we surpassed 50 deliveries. Those poor delivery guys, because the traffic out by where I work suuuuuuuuux.

Yes, before you ask, I was one of those 50. And I went home and told the hubs about the crazy number, how everyone couldn’t stop talking about it. So the next year, I got flowers on Feb 13, with a card that read, “Wanted you to be the first.”

Yeah, yeah, he’s a romantic. On occasion. But take it with a grain of salt: When I got home and thanked him for the flowers, he said, “It was cheaper, too!”

That’s my man. Because he knew damn well I’d fall a little more in love with him for saying that.

Ugh, see now I’m thinking about sweet, sappy happy endings, when I need to work out this dramatic, exciting, death-defying climax, so I can edit this damn thing and get it into readers’ hands!

Oh yeah, and I should probably spread the word about my Valentine’s Day shifter release, too. Because my contribution to CLAIMING MY VALENTINE (yep, click the name – click it!) is called Broken Light, and if you’re a Lightbearer fan, you’ll want to grab it.

Broken Light LB Prequel #2

It’s Xander’s story, FYI. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you clearly haven’t read FIRST LIGHT (yes, click the name), which you should, because it’s free, and it’s the prequel to the entire Lightbearer series.

Wait, where was I again? What day is it? And most important: Where’s the wine???

PS – Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate. Happy almost-not-Monday-anymore for those who don’t.



DAY FIVE: A Week of Wands, Fangs, & Wings Paranormal Blog Tour

Welcome to DAY FIVE of A Week of Wands, Fangs and Wings – A Paranormal Book Blog Tour!

This Blog Tour runs August 15 – 22, and during that time we will feature books by EIGHT different authors. What kind of books? Paranormal! What do we mean by paranormal? Well, just as the title implies: wands, fangs, wings and everything in between. Pretty much, if it isn’t real, it might be here. If you enjoy reading all things paranormal, we are about to hand you heaven on a gilded plate. Or, at least, on your e-reader.

What do we have in store for you? Excerpts from cool books. A fun Q&A session with the even-cooler authors who wrote them. A rafflecopter contest in which you could win a total of ELEVEN e-books. Wait, let’s note that again, just for clarification.

Eleven. Books. Free.

 Score! The contest closes at midnight on Thursday, and the winner will be announced Friday evening, so don’t forget to enter. As if you would. In the meantime, let’s learn about Patricia Eddy, and her featured books, Secrets in Blood and By the Fates, Freed!

Patricia headshot3Thanks to NaNoWriMo, Patricia began writing with fervor in 2011 (and even managed to finish a few books), and she hasn’t stopped since! She is also a founding partner in PageCurl Publishing and Promotion, dedicated to helping all authors succeed without breaking the bank.

She’s a big fan of social media:




Want a sample of what sort of books Patricia writes? There are two excerpts below. The first is from Secrets in Blood:


Light. Nicola Angliatti’s first thought was that it was unnaturally light. Where was he? He tried to bring his hand up to shield his eyes, but he found it wouldn’t move more than a couple of inches. There was pain. His skin was on fire and his chest ached with every weak breath.

The world slowly came into focus. Above him were bars. He turned his head. More bars. His fangs lengthened automatically in response to the pain coursing through his body. The harsh scent of antiseptic assaulted his nose.secrets_ebook

He looked down at his chest. An angry bullet wound just above his heart and another in his abdomen were still oozing blood. The girl. The vampire snarled and tried to sit up, but he was too weak; he collapsed back onto the floor. His wrists were shackled to a chain around his waist. He tried to break the chain, but his limbs held little strength. The chains were silver.

Merda!” he cursed in his native Italian. His shirt was gone, as were his jeans, socks, and shoes, but he was still wearing his boxers. His legs were unfettered. Unsteadily, he climbed to his feet and tested the bars around the fifteen foot cage he was in. All silver. He kicked at them, but every time his bare foot contacted the silver, he groaned in pain.

Humans. He’d been trapped by humans. The sweet girl’s father and his friends. At least she wasn’t in on it. Her father had all but confirmed it. The trust and acceptance in her eyes had warmed his heart.

Knowing there was nothing he could do to comfort the girl maddened him. The rich scent of her blood had been intoxicating–it was unlike anything he had ever smelled before. There was something special about her. He had not fed from a human since the 1921 treaty he had helped pen, and though he had been tempted, he could never have harmed such innocence. Now, he would surely pay for his kindness with his life.

He was hungry. How long had he been out? The bullets had been removed, but silver wounds healed slowly without human blood to fortify him. A day? A week? No doubt he had missed his planned briefing with the vampire law enforcement in Seattle. The Conclave would look for him. But if he was deep underground, would they ever find him?

“Finally awake, are you?” came the thin, reedy voice from the corner of the room.

Nicola’s head whipped around. “Where am I?” he asked. His voice sounded hoarse and strange to him in this cold, sterile room.

“Does it matter? You’re never leaving.” Slow footsteps approached. The girl’s father smiled a thin-lipped smile. “The cage and the chains are silver. You will not break free.”



Oh my! And now for Patricia’s second book, By the Fates, Freed:


Her desperate grip on my fingers loosened as her eyes fluttered closed. My magic burst forth over my skin, enveloping us in a warm vortex. I hadn’t felt my protective magic flare like that in years. Withdrawing the amulet, I secured it around her neck, just below the shackle. It pulsed with her heartbeat, slower and slower. I touched the ruby and in the old language, I murmured the spell, “I bind your life to mine.” The amulet glowed brighter as the pulsing slowed to a stop. Her life force weighed heavily on me and I struggled to draw air into my lungs.freed_full

The draught of monkshood needed only a few more seconds. Her body gave up its spirit and the shackle split in two. Snatching up the athame, I used it to fling the shackle across the room, sending a powerful spell of unmaking in its wake with a flick of my wrist. As it hit the wall, it shattered into a handful of pieces and a pulse of energy reverberated through the room. Gently, I pricked her palm and then nicked the vein at my wrist, exposing a single drop of my blood. I pressed the sphere to the blood, and it glowed blue as it absorbed a bead of my life force. I dropped the sphere into her palm and closed her fingers around it.

Magic danced over her skin as her body took the power within her. The amulet burned bright enough to blind me as I completed the spell. “My heart held you here. My blood revives you.

I gathered her in my arms, barely able to control my fear. Against the pounding in my chest she was preternaturally still and I begged the Fates with each passing second to release her to me. Finally, my prayers were answered. Her first ragged breath of life nearly shattered me and I crushed her against my chest, closing my eyes for a long moment and pressing my lips to her hair. Finally, I drew back to look at her. An old scar slashed through her lower lip, giving her mouth the barest hint of sadness. I ached to kiss her. Her eyes fluttered and she stirred. “Sleep.” I murmured, not wanting to expose her to what I had planned to do next.

I caressed her pale cheek. Already she had more color, freed from the constant icy grip of the devil’s magic, but she was far from safe. I returned the amulet, the athame, and the sphere to the leather pouch and wrapped her in the waistcoat I’d left here days ago.


What does he plan to do next!? Find out here:

Want more paranormal? Two books by Rosanna Leo will be featured tomorrow! And don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter contest!




Blog Tour Stop – The Discord Trilogy

I am honored to be a stop on this blog tour. These books are raw, gritty and exciting. It is worth your time to check out the descriptions and then the excerpt below. When you realize you want more, click on the buy links at the bottom. You won’t be disappointed.



The Golden Apple of Discord – Book 1

***Winner of the Compulsion Reads Quality Book Endorsement***

golden apple

Taralie Severin and her three sisters are a powerful coven of modern-day witches who banish mythical creatures in between classes and shifts at the police station. But when Taralie is kidnapped by vampires and converted into the undead, her sisters are ordered to execute her for crimes against the Milunfran order. Refusing, the sisters become fugitives from both their kind and vampires alike.

Ignorant and hunted, Taralie becomes entangled with unlikely allies, a band of vampires in hiding from the ruling vamperic government. With this new addition to their coven Taralie must balance duty with desire while learning not everything is as it seems, their enemies are worse than she knows, and she could be on the verge of ending a thousand-year-old civil war.


Abomination – Book 2



Taralie Severin and her sisters have secured a non-aggression pact with the rulers of the vampire world, the Noricum. Having relocated to Cannon Beach, Oregon, Alexander prepares to marry his beloved Tara. But when an encounter with average vampires goes wrong, the Severin coven’s fragile amnesty with the Noricum is destroyed. With the supremacy of their rule challenged, the Noricum set out to restore the balance of power, leaving the Severin family two choices – die on their feet, or live on their knees.





Rubicon – Book 3

young pretty kissing wedding couple against sky


Hidden away on a Caribbean island, Tara’s body survived abomination while her mind did not. Strangled from within by Verus’s accumulated memories, the eldest Severin sister struggles under the weight of so many conciseness inside her mind. But the Noricum are not idle, nor are they forgiving. Enraged by Tara’s murdering of their princess, they hunt the Severins relentlessly. After turning a powerful halfling and declaring open war, the Severin coven must choose between defending the Milunfran witches protecting humanity or their own extinction.


The below excerpt is one of the author’s favorites:

“What the-” Cora says. Melise is muddy, crying, and down a couple of digits.

“Watch this!” Tara kicks Melise’s legs out from under her and forces her face into the mud. In vivid color, Tara forces the scene of Blake’s death into her mind. Draco and Lucius appear in his living room with Blake sitting in a recliner, grading math papers on the coffee table. He pulls a lighter out of his pocket but doesn’t get it open before Lucius throws him up against a wall.

First he uses Blake as a battering ram to destroy Tara’s childhood home. Then Lucius feeds on him.

It was just one human!” Melise screams.

Tara punches the back of her head several times. “I’m the human’s daughter.” She pins Melise’s wrist under her boot and snaps off another finger.

Cora raises her arm, planning on separating the huntress and her prey but Thomas pulls her back by her jacket.

“I want to see what Tara has been concealing from all of us,” he says.

In between punches Melise says, “Please. He’ll give you anything!”

Tara stills her hand and smiles. “Will he now? Let’s go find out.” Placing her hand on Melise’s throat our prisoner goes slack, followed by Tara collapsing on top of her.

All eyes remain on the pile of bodies.  The thoughts of everyone, even Aggie, are stunned beyond understanding.

“What was that,” Ruben says.

“Stekie,” Aggie whispers.

“Why are we letting this continue?” Cora asks.

Thomas says, “It’s gotta come out some time.”

We don’t have time for this right now.

“Ann, come with me to the throne room,” I command and offer my hand.

Ann stands beside me in the corner of the great hall. It’s just as we left it but quieter. Only a dozen servants remain. The others have possibly gone to deal with arriving emergency vehicles. The throne room is tucked away under the courtyard in the middle of the castle insulated from the noise outside. The occupants of the throne room are somber. Sabine has returned bearing a gift no one wants. She hands Lucius the finger Tara broke off. He’s cradling it like delicate glass.

“Lucius?” Melise calls out, across the room from the four thrones. His head snaps up. Tara stands next to her.

The vampires part to the sides of the rectangular room leaving Verus, Draco, Sabine, and Priam standing behind Lucius. Tara and Melise move toward them. Ann and I stay hidden in the corner behind some retreating servants.

“He told you killing the father was foolish,” Tara says.

Lucius is incensed. “Return her!”

“Arrogance. That just cost her another finger.” They both disappear.

“Where is she?!” Lucius roars at Draco.

I reply from the corner, “You have no idea what you’ve unleashed.”

My former spy master along with everyone else in the ancient hall snaps their gaze towards me.

“Alexander?” Draco asks, “How did you find her?”

“It doesn’t matter. What matters is we were content to leave you alone.”

Tara returns with Melise. She’s missing another finger. She can’t feel the pain of her body in this state so Tara’s way of torturing Lucius is giving her a reprieve.

“Please,” Melise says to Draco.

“I cannot save you,” he says.

“Lucius?” her voice quivers.

“What do you want, Taralie?”

Tara moves to him very slowly. Her voice is pleasant. “Ask.”

He looks around to the dozen vampires watching with baited breath. His desperation thinly veiled. “Return her.”

She leers in a little closer. “Say please.”

His shoulders sag. “Please, return her.”

“Tell me why? Tell me what she means to you.”

He looks at Melise. “I love her.”

“Kneel.” Tara growls in a low voice. He sinks to his knees, bowing his head to his wife’s torturer. “Beg.”

“Please do not kill her, I will give you anything.”

“There is one thing that will spare her, such as she is.”


If she was really here, her breath would be on his face.

“My father’s life.”

“Noooooo!” He falls forward with a pained cry. Priam comes to his side.

“You sent her to me, the lion at the door. She will die as my father did and you will wish for death before I am done with you.”

Tara announces to the entire room, “It begins with her.”

“Please, Priam, do something!” Lucius begs from the floor.

Tara disappears. The sudden change in scenery and rain on my face tells me Ann has broken the stekie and while the laments of the soon-to-be widower are no longer available to me, the soundtrack here is no better. My wife is once again beating Melise and snapping off fingers.

“We have to stop this.” Ruben whispers as he helps me from the ground. I agree but now that Cora is here for Tara to mimic, are we even capable of it?

Thomas, sedate her. We have to stop this now.”

“Alex, we should have stopped this weeks ago.”

After a few more punches Tara tears the head off of our doomed prisoner. Tara smiles then takes the gas can Aggie fetched from inside the cabin while I was in Bolugone. She douses her new kill, then takes the box of matches Aggie offers. She strikes a match. Melise erupts into flame.

With the flames and smoke of a Noricum princess rising behind her, Tara takes Melise’s ring out of her pocket, tosses it to Cora, and wipes her muddy hands on her pants. “Next.”




Amazon – Kindle
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Lauren’s Website Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram

discord trilogy authorI’m Lauren Hodge, a chemist turned author with three children, a lot of friends no one else can see, and a swearing habit. Writing is something I stumbled into on accident. I was reading fiction for the first time as an adult and wondered if I could do it. It never crossed my mind to publish until my twin got a hold of my manuscripts and pressured me into it like the cool drug seeking kid from the After School Specials.

Because of that, my books are different. I don’t write because I have a story to tell. I write because there is a story inside my head and it’s merely using my fingers to get out. I enjoy writing protagonists that are flawed and enemies that aren’t. Not everyone is all good or all bad and I love the philosophical process of defining that grey area.

There are two parts of communication. What is articulated and what is received for only the latter can compel action. You, the reader, are more important than me, the author. I relish understanding what you receive from my articulation. To help with that, I have editors – lots and lots of editors. Editors are the heroes authors need, but not the heroes they deserve. As an author, I strive every day to be worthy of professional editors.

I’m the oldest of seven and have an identical twin/perfect organ donor.

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