Ready to go Beyond Twilight?

A limited time, 11 book collection featuring vampires mixed with FBI agents, witches, assassins, and Greek gods that takes you from Chicago to Jamaica to Budapest and beyond. A portion of the proceeds help support the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary. Go beyond Twilight and read Team Vampire for Team Shifter.

Rare Stakes by Michelle Fox

“When did you know you were psychic?” The detective looked at me like I was a clue to the wrong case.

“I always knew. I was born with this.” I put the window visor back up, and slouched in my seat. I hated playing the Psychic Trivia game. There were never any good prizes.

“Just like that?”

She was looking for some firework story. Like there was a tunnel and a light and when I got there I was psychic. And afterward, we all went to Disneyland. Yeah, right. My life didn’t line up like numbers on a winning lottery ticket.

The Blood Knife by Marcella Burnard

The detective took me to a low, narrow door barred by iron. A pair of officers stood on
either side. More barricades blocked access to the alleyway. They waved us through. Another set
of guards opened the door for us.
The minute we stepped through, cold bit my skin. I shivered and pulled on my jacket.
Anne led the way down a slick, narrow stairway.
“Part of the Seattle Underground?” I asked.
“Never developed and not in use. Not even as storage,” she replied. “Blocked off and
mostly forgotten. Expect by the rats, squatters, and one serial murderer.”

Twisted Dreams by Marissa Farrar

The sounds of the carnival—music, laughter, bells ringing—met my ears. Not the screams of terror I had been expecting. I opened my eyes to find everything was back to normal. No signs of anyone hurt. But I couldn’t change what I had seen. Something was wrong with the ride, and I didn’t know if the accident would happen mere minutes from now, or possibly months, but I had to do something.

My bag of cotton candy fell to the ground and bounced once before coming to a rest. I broke into a sprint and pushed my way between the small crowds of people—fellow student-types, families, even an elderly couple watching the fun—and jumped up onto the edge of the ride where the leather-jacketed guy was standing.

“Hey!” I had to yell to be heard over the music, which was almost painfully loud. “You need to stop the ride.”

He turned to face me, both confusion and recognition passing across his face. “What?”

“Cut the power. Now! There’s going to be an accident.”

Despite my panic, in the back of my mind I was vaguely aware that launching myself onto the ride, and yelling at the cute guy running it, made me look like the one thing I always tried so hard not to be, a freak.

Those are just a few of the books available in the Beyond Twilight story bundle. This exclusive package deal of vampirific books is available for a limited time, July 22 – August 13 only!


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