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It occurred to me that this is my blog and I can do what I want to (cue sixties song here…) It also occurred to me that if I’m going to put one of my books on sale, why wouldn’t I blog about about it? How are you going to know that Artist’s Obsession is on sale for 99 CENTS if I don’t tell you about it?

So here you go… The second in The Resort series, Artist’s Obsession, is on sale for 99 cents through Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/394799.

99 cents on sale through Smashwords!
99 cents on sale through Smashwords!
99 cents on sale through Smashwords!

It doesn’t matter what type of reading device you have, you can download the book through Smashwords. Actually, when you go through Smashwords and you have a kindle (for example), it will link you to Amazon, where you can purchase The Resort – Artist’s Obsession at the Smashwords sale price.

Just be sure to type in coupon code – WG49F at checkout. 99 cents, in case you forgot!

So why should you buy the second Resort book?

1. You’ve already read the first one and you like to read book series in sequential order.

2. You never buy anything that isn’t on sale.

3. You finished the first book five minutes ago and are dying to start number two – and bonus to discover it’s on sale!

4. You literally have nothing at all to do this weekend… until now.

5. Book Five – Summertime at The Resort – is coming out in May, and you have four books to get through before then.

So what is The Resort – Artist’s Obsession about?

It’s about Allison Bell, a small town girl who is just trying to find her place in this great big world. It’s about her security guard boyfriend, Carter James, who, try as he might, just can’t seem to keep Allison out of trouble. It’s about Allison’s best friend, Bree Jefferson, who tries as hard as she can to get her best friend into trouble. And it’s about Dan McIntyre, the hunky cop who thinks Allison made the wrong choice in choosing Carter – over him.

In this second installment of The Resort series, Allison meets an artist at a local art show who develops a slight obsession with her – and a strong desire to paint her – nude. Determined to show Carter that she really can take care of herself without hiding behind his very delectable and perfectly capable body, Allison has to stay one step ahead of the artist as he continually schemes ways to lure her into spending time alone with him. Only one thing is certain: Life is rarely boring in the small town of Lovejoy. Not while Allison Bell is around.

Need that purchase link again?


And the coupon code is WG49F

99 cents, but only until March 30! Download your copy today!

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  1. Tami,

    How have you been. Thoroughly enjoying the first book in the Resort series. Just bought the second one for my Kindle. I just love your writing style. Love the interaction between Allison and Carter.



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