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Hey there. Sheri Williams here. Fangirl extraordinaire and new author. I’ve sort of taken over Tami’s blog for the day, and I’m ready to share my interview with the lovely Nina. Nina’s story begins in Crisis Of Love, which is being released by Silk Words Publishing Nov. 8, 2014.

I sit down with my handy notepad all set to interview Nina but she is nowhere to be found.  I glance at the giant clock over the bar and am surprised to note that I am not early, she is late. Almost rudely late. I take a sip from my drink and glance up again as I hear the doors close. Suddenly there she is,plopping down in the chair opposite me. She looks flushed, like she may have run here and I feel guilty for thinking bad thoughts. She may have been delayed at work for all I know.

I straighten my notebook. I’m suddenly nervous. This is my first interview after all. I’m about to ask my first question when she finally looks at me.

“Blue hair huh? Maybe I’ll try that. I’m kinda at a crossroads in my life. Time for a bit of fun.”

I don’t know what to say. Blue or not, I’m not used to people actually asking me about my hair. Anyway, this isn’t about me.

“So a crossroads you say? Would you mind talking more about that?” I resist the urge to tap my pencil. She’s a bit more unfocused than I expected.

“Um, yeah sure. Let me just order a drink. Did you see that bartender? He’s pretty freaking gorgeous. I’ll be right back.”

She gets up and walked over to the bar. I can hear them laughing. She’s openly flirting with him. I can’t believe it. Shit, I’m actually tapping my pencil. Finally, she’s back, now carrying a rocks glass full of a dark amber liquid.

“Scotch?” I ask.

“Whisky. Just a splash of water. I’ve discovered a taste for it lately.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Already this interview is veering of course. I had notes, suggested topics of conversation, but I seem to have forgotten everything.

“So, um, you were flirting with that bartender right? I thought you were married.” Her gaze turns sharp and I think I need to backtrack, but I don’t get the chance.

“Well. Since you ask. I am married. Not sure for how much longer, but yeah. Tom and I are still deciding what we want to do about it.”  She takes another deep drink and I struggle to think of something less obtrusive to ask.

I’m still racking my brain for the forgotten notes when she speaks to me again. “Sorry. I’m snappy. I know it. So much upheaval going on.”

I seize the olive branch. “A crossroads, you said earlier.”

“Yeah. That’s it. So many choices in front of me right now.” She finishes her drink and raises the empty glass to get the bartender’s attention. “You have to understand, my life has been so boring lately. I feel as if I’ve been walking around in haze and all of a sudden it’s clearing. I see my options now. And some of them are sweet.”

I find that an odd turn of phrase. “Sweet? What do you mean by that? Could you elaborate?”

She smiles and it’s a bit wicked. Not at all what I expected from her.

“I could, but wouldn’t it be more fun if you found out for yourself? It’s the adventure that’s the fun part.”

I take a sip of my drink, which has been neglected for so long, it’s watered down. “An adventure, is that what you want at this point in your life?”

She doesn’t answer me as she is too busy giving the cute young waiter a sexy smile, while he delivers her fresh drink. He leaves and she blatantly stares at his behind. I’m afraid she might whistle.

“What did you ask? Oh dear lord, look at his ass.” She runs her fingers through her hair before taking a drink. “Oh, adventure. Yes. I definitely want adventure in my life. A good screw against a wall, something, anything new. You know?”

I am about to ask her to elaborate but her cell rings. Her eyes light up when she sees the I.D. “Sorry, but I’ve got to take this.”

Back Camera

She walks over to a corner and answers the call. I can see her face light up from where I am, and she starts talking quietly. Her actions betray her voice, though. I could see her physical reaction to the caller, and before I have a chance to even think of another question she is out the door. Waving the cell in one hand as she goes.

Sitting alone at the table I grab her drink and down it. Much stronger than mine, I almost choke.  Well that interview was shit. I didn’t learn anything about her. Ugh. Definitely no good at this. I have to say though, I did get one valuable piece of information during the past hour. The waiter does have a nice ass.


Sheri Williams is new to this author thing. She has one novel in editing purgatory and one short written under a pen name that will never be talked about in public. Crisis Of Love will be her first story published through Silk Words, but hopefully not her last. Sheri is a social media glutton and can be found on Twitter https://twitter.com/mygirljuju , on FB https://www.facebook.com/Williams.Sheri.Author , and blogging with her writing group at http://writingwenches.com/.



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