Interview with a Rock Star from Rhythm of Love

Oh yeah, we’re still blogging about Unwrapping Love. I can’t help it. There are 21 different stories, with 21 different adorable couples, and I’ve read every single one. The urge to show them off is strong. Today, we’re going to meet Alex from Rhythm of Love, written by Keisha Page. This story is about a rock star. Yep. I know!


Strangely enough, for this interview, Alex has asked that I meet him in a library. We’re in Denver, Colorado; me for business, him for personal reasons. I’ve never been here before, and was hoping he’d want to meet in a more touristy locale, but I suppose the reality is, sitting across from a rock star — regardless of where — is pretty freaking cool in my book. Ha – get the pun?

Okay, anyway, let’s get to it. We’re sitting in a secluded corner, on well-worn couches that I presume are meant to give the library a coffee-house feel. Alex leans back against the cushions, one cowboy boot clad foot resting casually on the knee of his other leg. He looks comfortable and sexy as hell. And he’s a rock star. I’ve never interviewed a rock star before. I’m feeling a bit fan girlish right now.

“Are we gonna start?” Alex’s voice intrudes on my errant thoughts.

“Yes. Sorry.” I clear my throat and force my gaze down to the laptop I’ve brought along, so that I can capture this interview for my blog. “Um… How about you tell us about yourself? Do you think you are your author’s muse or the bane of her existence?”

Alex grimaces. “I guess I’ve kind of been the bane of her existence. I haven’t always been easy to talk to, and I want my way all the time.”

I imagine his author is more than happy to give him his way. I know I would. All the damn time. I shake my head. This whole rock star deal is really screwing with my interview skills. “Let’s talk about the readers. What do you think they will like best about you? What won’t they like?”

Alex’s shrugs, very nonchalant. “Well, I’m a rock star. That’s pretty damn cool. That’s probably both the best and the worst things about me. I tend to dislike it when things don’t go my way. I’ve been in jail before, which, again, some people will think is cool, and some people will think is awful.”

Probably, I should not think that is cool, but, well, he’s a rock star. Everything is cool when you’re a rock star. “Are you seeing anyone? Tell us about her.”

To my complete and utter delight, a sweet, sappy grin spreads across his face. It makes him look ten years younger, and causes me to wish I could hide whoever she is in a closet so that I can convince him to smile at me like that. Sigh…

“Leslie and I haven’t been together long–and we had a really rough start. But I’m excited about moving forward from here.”

Because it’s my interview, I decide to have a little naughty fun. Let’s see how much I can get Alex to divulge. “What’s your favorite place to seduce Leslie?”

He rolls his eyes skyward for a few moments, clearly sorting through the ideas in his head. I have a few of my own, if he needs help. In fact, I’m willing to demonstrate with him…

“When my band was on tour in Japan, I got to take a day trip to Kyoto. It’s exotic, and beautiful, and it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I love the idea of taking Leslie there. She hasn’t traveled much, and I want to show her the world.”

That’s so damn sweet. Who knew rock stars had it in them? Although, I suppose if you listen to song lyrics at all, they’re all romantics at heart. This prompts another question. “What do you wish Leslie understood better about you?”

He appears to take this question very seriously. “That I’m not used to being with someone who is strong and independent. I’m used to being leaned on and needed, and sometimes, I’m not sure how to take it that Leslie doesn’t need me the same way.”

Sweet and sincere. Leslie is one lucky chic. “If you could rewrite one scene in the book, what would it be? How would you rewrite it?”

He doesn’t even hesitate before giving his answer. “I would have pushed Leslie against the wall in that dark doorway in Manhattan, and taken her right there. Screw waiting to go back to the hotel. That trip seriously felt like the longest trip I’ve ever made, including flying home after being in Japan.”

My jaw drops to my chest and I stare at him, shocked by his admission, despite the fact that this was exactly the juicy tidbit I wanted to get out of him. He smiles innocently, but when I maintain my shocky demeanor for far too long, his smile twists into a frown. “You okay? I mean, if you don’t want to print that…”

“Oh no,” I assure him, mentally and literally shaking myself out of my stupor. “No. It’s perfect. Really. Just to try to pull my own mind out of the gutter, tell me if your author has ever put you into an embarrassing situation. If she has, how did you handle it?”

I watch as a blush creeps up over his shirt collar. It’s so… cute. “She made me admit that I have a minivan. Seriously, have you ever heard of anything less “rockstarish”? But I do have kids and when I’m not touring or in the studio, I take them to school and gymnastics and soccer just like any other dad.”

The image he implies and the rock star I know from the tabloids clash in my head, and allow me to finally focus on capturing a decent interview for my blog. “Is there anything specific in this book of which you are particularly proud?”

He uncrosses his leg and leans forward, pressing his hands to his knees, and gives an earnest answer. “I’m proud of the ending. I don’t want to give too much away, but it took some work to get me there.”

I’ve read his book, so I know how it ends. Which causes me to swipe away a tear before asking, “Would you like to add anything else?”

He enthusiastically replies, “Just that I can’t wait to see what happens next!”


What do you think about Alex? Want to read his story? It’s called Rhythm of Love, and it’s part of the Unwrapping Love anthology, which releases on Monday! Here’s the link to buy it. At over 700 pages, it’s well worth the less than five buck price tag.

Keisha Page_Author PIcAnd if you want more from the author, Keisha Page can be stalked on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to join the Writing Wenches’ Release Day Party over on Facebook!




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