Mountain Gorillas, Armed Rebels, Love, and a Character Interview

I am pleased to welcome one of the main characters from Kim Hotzon’s recent new release, Hands Full of Ashes, to today’s blog. Olivia Daniels has a great many obstacles to overcome in this action-packed, heart-wrenching drama. Before we get into Olivia’s interview, here’s what the book is about:

Olivia promises to fulfill her dying husband’s wish – to scatter his ashes around the world. After journeying to Africa, Olivia plans to follow through on this promise while working as a volunteer at an orphanage.

On a weekend trip to see the famed mountain gorillas, Olivia attempts an escape from an ambush by armed rebels. During her recovery, she falls in love with the man who saved her.

As her new love blossoms, Olivia is unaware that the director of the orphanage has fallen in love with her. His attempt to find her coincides with an event that will change Olivia’s world forever.

This interview, like the book, has some powerful messages. Let’s get to it. Hello, Olivia. Thank you for joining us today. It looks like your author has put you into some incredibly intriguing (and dangerous!) situations. In fact, it doesn’t sound like there is a dull moment in the entire book. Tell us, what do you think readers will like best about you, in this book?

Olivia: They will be happy to know that although I have suffered in life, I persevered. I was unwilling to give up or give in, even in the toughest moments.

Tami’s Thoughts: Is there anything readers may not appreciate about your character?

Olivia: They may not understand why I left Roger and why I didn’t tell him my secret.

TT: Roger? Is he your significant other? Are you married?

Olivia: I am now happily married. Hint: he has a heart of gold.

TT: Okay, let’s have a little naughty fun. Favorite place to seduce your partner?

Olivia: Outdoors. Africa has the biggest sky and it is there that it is the most beautiful and memorable.

TT: What do you wish Roger understood about you?

Olivia: My continued need for independence – my choices and decisions affect our future as well.

TT: If you could rewrite one scene in the book, what would it be? How would you rewrite?

Olivia: I would save my friend. Or I would handle things differently with Roger.

TT: Has your author ever put you into an embarrassing situation? How did you handle it?

Olivia: I was trying to be so helpful with the children at the orphanage but it turned out they knew more about survival than I did. The memory of the water pump stands out. I wanted the children to view me as their saviour, but in the end I learned that we saved each other.

TT: Is there anything specific in this book of which you are particularly proud?

Olivia: My survival, my marriage, and my child.

TT: Would you like to add anything else?

Olivia: I hope someday that readers will find the courage to make their own journeys and find the love they deserve. The sky is the limit.


Sound like a fascinating story? Hands Full of Ashes is a new release, and can be purchased through Amazon.

Pick up your copy today and don’t forget to let Kim know what you think of the book by leaving a review when you’re done reading!

Want to know more about the author? Connect with Kim Hotzon:

Kim Hotzon_Author Pic

Website: http://www.kimhotzon.com/        

Facebook:      http://www.facebook.com/HandsFullofAshes

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KimHotzon

Pinterest:       https://www.pinterest.com/kimhotzon/hands-full-of-ashes/

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6491250.Kim_Hotzon

LinkedIn: Kim Hotzon | LinkedIn

Thank you for joining us today!


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    1. Thanks, Joanne! It was an interesting change to blog from the main character’s perspective! She is certainly real to me, and hopefully, will be as real to readers. Thanks for the comment! Kim

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