How To Mix A Traditional And Fae Wedding Ceremony

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Matrimonial March blog posts this month. We’ve had a few wedding-related personal experiences from various authors, we’ve had features on books that are tied to weddings, and we had a shifter and elemental wedding ceremony. Today, I’m brining you a fae wedding ceremony. Well, actually, a fae getting married in a traditional human ceremony, with a tiny twist. Grab the tissues, because this one may cause eye-watering!

The below excerpt is from Dreams Do Come True by Larynn Ford. Lynzi Lancaster, the main female character, was on my blog back in October. You can read her character interview here.

Here’s the blurb for Dreams Do Come True:

DreamsDoComeTrue_HIGHThe vicious slaughter of cattle brings Lynzi Lancaster and her fiancé, Layne Brady, a Fae raised in the human world, to the aid of his human parents. A neighbor with a grudge has returned to the area to settle a score. 

Lynzi is only mildly shocked to find the tall tales her granddaddy had told so many years ago about black panthers roaming the woods near their home were not only true but also had a twist. The animals were werepanthers. 

The renegade panther believes Lynzi is a witch and threatens her life when Fae magic is performed nearby. Now, it’s up to Lynzi and Layne to bring down the big cats and keep her alive. 

And here’s a sampling of the book – the exchange of vows between Lynzi Lancaster and Layne Brady:

We exchanged traditional vows and gold bands in the Christian portion of our wedding ceremony. Having been raised in the church as a boy, Layne agreed we should include both worlds as we pledged to become one and share the rest of our lives together.

The minister closed his bible and smiled at the two of us before he addressed the congregation. “Before the happy couple is pronounced man and wife, I’m going to step aside for Miss Petunia to bless this union in the heartfelt traditions of the Fae people. Miss Pet, ma’am.” He smiled and extended a helping hand to Aunt Pet as she stepped up before us.

Cloi was active in the church here and had explained the existence of the Fae was real and that they were a part of human society. She was afraid the preacher would shun her and the others who wished to worship here but without any hesitation, he welcomed the Fae to be part of the congregation. He held the knowledge of the Fae’s existence in confidence to prevent problems from anyone who wouldn’t understand. He understood we are all God’s children.

Aunt Pet smiled as she spoke to Laynaro and Mr. Brady at Layne’s side and the proud mamas seated side by side on the front pew. “The union of our two children has at last come to pass as I was always certain it would.” She paused and smiled at the two of us. The sparkle in her eyes told me she had other information of the future and every bit of it would be a wonderful and exciting adventure.

“The power of the earth’s elements is present with us today to bless this joining. My little one, your heart is pure, and honest and strong. You are to unite with Layne today as his mate for life. His wife.” She paused and glanced to the minister who returned her smile. “Please speak your heart’s words to Layne before the elements, our family, and God.” She smiled in the minister’s direction again. Wait. Was our Aunt Pet making eyes at the preacher? I guess you’re never too old to look.

Cloi took charge of my bouquet, smiled, and gave my hand an encouraging squeeze. “You’ll do fine,” she whispered. She had been my coach on several occasions as I organized the thoughts I would speak to Layne today, words from my heart to his. I worried I would never be able to express the intensity of the love my heart held for him and prayed I didn’t get tongue-tied and stumble over the most important words I would ever utter.

I turned to the love of my life, took his hands in mine, and smiled as I gazed at the face of my strong angel, my knight-in-shining-armor, and began to speak. “Layne Brady. I have loved you for all my life it seems. Even when we were apart, my heart never let you go completely. You were always tucked away, waiting with the patience of a saint for our time to be together. Now, your heart is my heart and I vow to treasure it, and care for it forever.” Happy tears gathered in my eyes. The lump growing in my throat made it difficult to speak. I swallowed hard.

Layne brought our entwined hands to his mouth and kissed my fingers one at a time. Electricity zinged through my body from the touch of his lips. Energy filled my heart and soul and gave me the strength to continue without breaking down and blubbering like a baby.

“I promise to make you happy and I promise I’ll try not to make you crazy with my many human moods. I will care for our love and it will care for us. Our love will grow as will our family. You saved me from a lonely life and I will cherish you forever.”

His eyes sparkled as he prepared to speak. He cleared his throat and began his vows to me. “Lynzi Lancaster, my sweet girl, you have grown into a beautiful woman. You are my life, my heart, my very reason for living. I vow to love and protect you forever. To provide a life of happiness and make all your dreams come true. All I have is yours. All I am or ever will be is because of you. You saved me from simply existing and I promise to make you proud to call me your husband.”

We stood trembling. Our vows had been spoken. Our lives pledged each to the other. We held tight to the hands wearing the symbols of our love, a plain gold band for Layne’s finger, and a matching band to accompany my diamond ring.

The preacher moved over to join Aunt Pet. The two of them placed their hands on ours as the preacher said, “What the Lord has joined together, let no man divide.” He glanced at her and nodded.

“United by pure hearts, forever, together as one.” She blew a kiss of approval toward us.

“Layne, you may kiss your bride.” The preacher gave him an encouraging clap on the shoulder.

He held fast to our clinched hands as he leaned down for our first kiss as husband and wife. My heart pounded in my chest. We did it. We were married. We were husband and wife. He leaned back a few centimeters and whispered, “My Lynzi. My Wife.”


Admit it, you’re swiping away a tear right now, aren’t you? It’s okay, I’m doing the same thing. Now that you’ve read about Lynzi and Layne’s wedding, do you want to read the rest of the book, Dreams Do Come True? It’s available on Amazon.


And here’s a little info about the author who wrote that touching wedding scene:

Larynn Ford_Author PIc

Larynn Ford began reading romance in her early teens and became interested in writing in high school. She’s a daydreamer and a romantic who is intrigued by the paranormal and loves to let her mind wander, always searching for a happily ever after ending to her dreams.

At home in East Central Alabama, she worked as a cook and cashier before becoming a wife and mother, earned an education degree, taught school and worked in customer service. All the while her daydreams stacked up in the archives of her mind.

She finally put some of those ideas on paper and began writing in 2009 hoping her dream of publication would one day come true.

In 2010, she joined Romance Writers of America and enjoys her support group, the Southern Magic chapter in Birmingham, Alabama.

Check out Larynn’s Amazon Page to see the rest of her published works.


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