Wedding Planning: A Mother-of-the-Bride Perspective

Today on my Matrimonial March blog, I’m featuring new author Suzie Jay. Suzie’s short story, Operation: Tom Foolery, is featured in an anthology called Fools Rush In. I’m in the middle of reading this quirky collection of chick lit shorts, and I’ve already chuckled out loud several times. This anthology, by the way, happens to be free at the moment! Read about Suzie’s mother-of-the-bride drama, and then click the book cover at the end of the post to download seven fun-loving April Fool’s Day stories!


My daughter and her fiancé have been together for nearly seven years. They met at school when they were fifteen and have been inseparable ever since.

At first I fought them. I thought they were too young. Then I supported them even though I didn’t agree, because they were a little older. Now I am just old and worn out and let them do whatever makes them happy, regardless if I agree (usually not). They are twenty-one and twenty-two now and old enough to live their own life. I just hang around for moral support and laughs.

My future son-in-law is one of those “I want to wait until the right moment” types. Unfortunately for him, my daughter is more of an “every moment is the right moment, why am I still waiting?” type of person.

They lived with his mother for quite some time and my daughter pretty much nagged from day one to get a house of their own. She was young and wanted to be with the boy she loved and to have her independence. Living with his somewhat overbearing mother was just not cutting it.

He held strong and they lived there for a couple of years. Eventually, through her inability to stop harping and then teaming up with me, she got her house. This came under the provision that she would nag for nothing else for at least five years. She agreed. Well — her mouth said, “Yes,” but her brain said, “Yeah, right. Good luck.”

They moved into a beautiful little house with a big yard and three bedrooms. She reveled in the task of turning it into a home. Don’t get me wrong, she is not a total spoiled brat. She works hard, as does he. Together they have created a cute little love nest.

Well that kept her happy for about six months. Then she wanted to get engaged. He said, “No.” She had promised to wait five years and he was standing strong. Well pretty strong for about a month. He ended up proposing and giving her a ring. She was ecstatic and felt like their love would finally be seen as the real deal by some skeptical onlookers. (I may be one of those onlookers but I’m not at liberty to say). This time the condition was that there would be no engagement party for a couple of years. Once again she “agreed.” This was about eight months ago.

So last weekend was the engagement party. It was a lovely affair, thrown in the back yard of their home. There were tea-light candles and twinkly lights adorning the trees and the tables. Paper lanterns hung from the gazebo and it looked like a fairytale.

She had a photo booth and a photographer and each guest was photographed on arrival (some would be thankful they were not snapped as they were leaving- Auntie Ethel, I’m looking at you!) I did mention the fully stocked bar, right? There was a whole lamb on a spit (sorry vegetarians) and I dusted off the old apron and made their engagement cake.

She managed to create a gorgeous wonderland and most people seemed to have a great time. Even if that was mostly due to the purple punch, laced with bottles of vodka.

This Engagement party was thrown under the pinky swear that she would absolutely, definitely, 100% not even start thinking about planning a wedding for five years.

This has me questioning something. If there is no planning of a wedding, or anything else, what is the giant lacy book with wedding dresses cut out of magazines and suits and rings doing, hiding in the back of the closet? Along with the baby jumpsuits and teddy bears?


If you enjoyed that snippet of Suzie Jay’s real life, you’ll love her short in the Fools Rush In anthology! It’s called Operation: Tom Foolery, and it’s the same type of funny, quirky writing. Remember I mentioned it’s free? Click the pic below and download today, and get to reading. And PS: when you’re done, don’t forget to leave a review!


tom foolery pic

And if you love Suzie Jay’s writing style, follow her blog here. Happy reading!



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  1. LOL Sounds like the guy doesn’t know what’s hitting him. Poor thing. The stories sound like a lot of fun and I love a good freebie. I went ahead and got my copy! Best wishes. 🙂

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