Matrimonial March Snippets

Let’s wrap up Matrimonial March with a rundown of the books I’ve published that are connected somehow with weddings. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that there are a few of them. Let’s get started…


The Bartender Nook 150The Bartender is my very first self-published book. It follows Julia Lee’s life, from her freshman year in college until the year she turns twenty-five, and includes the ups and downs of finding and losing love – and then finding it again. Several wedding scenes are featured in this book – Julia’s best friend’s wedding, a proposal gone wrong, and ultimately, Julie’s own happily ever after, which ends with her own wedding. It’s a sweet yet angsty read, with a surprising twist toward the end, and it’s only 99 cents. Click on the book cover if you want more!



The Resort IV - Valentine's Day at the Resort

Valentine’s Day at The Resort is the fourth in The Resort series, and is all about weddings. Allison’s on again, off again boyfriend, Carter James, has been spending far too much time with the wedding planner who has taken over The Resort in preparation for the upcoming Valentine’s Day wedding, and Allison is determined to figure out why. As usual in this series, she gets caught up in something much bigger than she can handle alone, so she drags the usual players – Carter, the sexy police detective, Dan, her best friend, Bree – into her problems. And this time, the spunky, determined bride helps her solve this mystery as well. This is one bride who isn’t going to let anyone ruin her big day. The Resort series is full of wacky hi-jinxes and hot ‘n’ spicy scenes. While Valentine’s Day at The Resort is a perfect Matrimonial March read, the entire series is worth a few Saturday afternoons curled up on the couch with your e-reader!


Naked Truthsmall

Naked Truth opens at a wedding. Kennedy is a bridesmaid in her cousin Sabrina’s wedding. Sabrina is marrying Cullen, an FBI agent whose partner happens to be super hot playboy, Jack Boudreaux. During the reception, Jack and Kennedy make use of the limo that’s waiting to take the wedding party back to the hotel at the end of the evening. Once Kennedy gets a taste of what Jack offers, she can’t say no to him, even when their affair puts her life in danger. Besides a spicy wedding scene, this book contains a crazed killer and exotic dancers. Male exotic dancers. Yep, you read that right! Click the cover to start reading today.




The Perfect Christmas is part of a Christmas anthology called Unwrapping Love. While the story itself doesn’t include a wedding, a few months ago, I offered the epilogue here on my blog – which happens to be a scene from a wedding! If you haven’t read it, you can do so here. If you haven’t read the anthology, click the cover for more details. It’s over 700 pages of holiday love!





fashion man and woman standing back to back


Separation Anxiety is a free read available only on my website (click the cover to download). It’s not about weddings, exactly, but it is about divorce – specifically one couple’s attempt to avoid it. It’s a sweet and spicy short story that won’t take long to read, but will leave you with a smile on your face!





As you can see, weddings often come into play in my books. Partially, of course, that’s because I write happily ever afters, and, well, weddings are a natural part of that concept. It’s also because I worked in the wedding industry in my past life, and it’s easy to write what you know. And finally, I write about weddings because, well, there’s usually plenty of fodder to work with! Weddings are such a large production, the planning usually spans several months, so there’s bound to be something that happens that makes it worth opening the laptop and putting fingers to keys. Hey, I figure we’re all winners when that happens!

Well, this is the end of Matrimonial March on my blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed the various wedding-themed posts. Maybe you’ve even found a new book or a new author to love? Next up is Appetizing April. A whole slew of new blog posts, and they’re all about food. Because who doesn’t love food???


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