Welcome to Appetizing April!

Welcome to Appetizing April on my blog! Each post, all month long, will connect in some way to food. Why? Because I love food. And books. And to me, they seem a natural pairing. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I am married to a man who is an amazing cook, which I find incredibly sexy. Therefore, cooking – and sexy chefs – tend to show up in my books with amazing frequency. Here’s a quick rundown:

The Resort series – Although this five-book series is about a hapless heroine and a The Resort Nook 150security company owner hero, Carter is an amazing cook, while The Resort IV - Valentine's Day at the ResortAllison is… not. This aspect of their relationship comes into play frequently throughout the series. There is a particularly funny scene in Valentine’s Day at The Resort, in which Allison promises to have dinner waiting when Carter arrives home from work, so she runs out to the local Italian restaurant and somehow ends up babysitting a friend’s infant – another aspect of life at which she isn’t particularly adept. This scene is guaranteed to cause a laugh out loud moment.



Love Gumbo – this is a short story about a chef and a restaurant owner, and the steam they create in the, er, bathroom. Did I mention I have a thing for shower sex, too? Wait, I digress…





LightBeyondDarkness_CoverLight Beyond the Darkness – The third installment of the Lightbearer series releases  on April 27. This book focuses on the relationship between Carley Santiago, head chef to the King of the Lightbearers, and Reid Hennigan, Finn’s younger brother, who escaped from their former shifter pack before all hell broke loose. Reid falls first for Carley’s steak, then the Lightbearer herself. Food plays a significant role in this book, since, well, Carley’s a chef and all. Not just any chef, either, but a chef who caters to royalty.

Delicious Deception (this one is still a work in progress) – When I finally quit tweaking it and get it into the hands of the publisher, this will (hopefully) be the third in the Tough Love series (Naked Truth, Undercover Heat). This is another one focusing significantly on food. In this one, we have another chef and another restaurant owner, and it’s a full length novel complete with suspense and drama — and it’s based in the bayou of north Louisiana/east Texas – and it contains a super sexy scene involving molten chocolate cake batter. I promise, I’m working hard to get this one out to you!

Naked TruthsmallUndercover Heat_Cover

So kick back and get ready to enjoy an entire month dedicated to food and books… Because, why not?

PS – When Love Gumbo released last August, I posted this blog, which contains my husband’s super awesome recipe for gumbo. Enjoy, and stay tuned, because all month long, it’s nothin’ but food and books!





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